Bristolite Advantage
Our mission at Bristolite is to provide our customers with the highest quality products and supreme service at an exceptional value. We also aim to provide the industry with an abundance of accurate and useful information relative to daylighting and energy conservation. We take our corporate responsibility to our employees, associates, industry colleagues and customers very seriously and we see ourselves as stewards for the efficient use of sustainable carbon free energy.


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  1. Coollite Specifications Word or Wordperfect
  2. Custom Skylight Specifications (53K)
  3. Gladiator Structural Curbs/Conventional Roofs (42K)
  4. Gladiator Structural Curbs/Pre-Engineered Metal Bldgs (42K)
  5. Gladiator - Section 000 Prefabricated Metal Building Roof Curb (42K)
  6. Kynar Coating Color Chart (478K)
  7. Nano Insulgel -Lumira Specifications Word or Wordperfect
  8. Powder Coating Color Chart (1.1Mb)
  9. Quasar Prismatic Specifications Word or Wordperfect
  10. Quasar Low-E Specifications Word or Wordperfect
  11. Quasar Reach 08623 Specification (51kb)
  12. Tufflite Specification (58kb)