High-Efficiency Daylight Harvesting System

Daylighting in Winter

Natural light prevents seasonal affective disorder from developing during winter.

The Sophisticated Designs Behind a Simple Concept

A daylight harvesting lighting system, on its surface, is a pretty straightforward concept. Doors and windows are used to become the primary Read More

Why You Should Get An Energy And Daylight Analysis

energy efficient building


Green Can Be Beautiful, Too

Picking up on the conversation we started with our last post, we were discussing a recent column in The Huffington Post by architect Lance Hosey that exposed “six myths of sustainable design.” In response … Read More

Starting Your Search For A Residential Skylight

IECC 2012 Standards for Skylights

The residential skylight market is a bold new world

If this is the start of your exploration into residential skylights, prepare to be awed. From custom-made skylights to low-profile skylights to entire skylight ceilings, it’s a bold new world. … Read More

A Basic Primer For Scrutinizing Skylights

Energy-Efficient skylights

These Aren’t Your Parents’ Skylights

Now that you have a better grasp on daylighting, we realize it may feel a little too good to be true. Wait, these skylights flood my home with sunlight and keep the heat and Read More

Bristolite Advantage Building Heat And Smoke Vents

Protect Your Employees And Building Or Commercial Property By Upgrading Your Smoke Ventilation System

Benefits of Heat Smoke Vents

Upgrading a building’s infrastructure rarely draws the same sort of excitement as refreshing any of the aesthetic features. We know, of course, that investing in the … Read More

Rethinking The Skylight As A Green Energy Solution

Gone Are The Days Of The Skylight As A Mere Architectural Feature

Skylights were, once upon a time (and not that long ago), simply an architectural feature. An elaborate window in an unexpected place that gradually became less air- and … Read More

Points To Ponder When Considering Passive Daylighting Systems


Recall that passive solar heating refers to the use of the sun’s energy to heat something directly; no outside energy source is required. It is the job of the architect and site planners to consider the deliberate placement of homes, … Read More

Just Try and Mess With Our Trituff Skylights, We Dare You!

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How great would it be to have one of The Avengers as your personal watchdog? Few people would argue against having a superhero providing them with reliable protection. Bristolite Daylighting Systems offers our customers the next best thing with our … Read More

Help Enlarge Your Workplace With Bristolite Skylights


skylighting for offices

Interior designers are taught to manipulate an area utilizing light, color, and the contrasts that typically exist between them. With respect to contrast, spaces that feature dark-colored flooring and light-colored walls tend to feel less spacious than areas that … Read More


Want Better Performing Students? Let Them Bask in Natural Light

Educational experts around the country are continuously trying to create & implement new learning initiatives meant to increase student achievement. To say the least, some have been more successful than others. However, the physical structure is often overlooked as a … Read More


Daylighting Your Facility Can Save Your Business Money

Two questions commonly posed to our energy experts here at Bristolite Daylighting Systems when clients are planning to implement a natural daylighting system are:

– How energy efficient are skylights?

– How much can we realistically expect to save in … Read More

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Daylighting the Right Way

The incorporation of natural light into modern green building energy design, commonly known as daylighting, has become an increasingly popular construction technique that can improve energy performance in any building while simultaneously improving the comfort and productivity of building occupants. … Read More


Three Tips for Successful Daylighting in Any Building

The best way to maximize daylighting in any building is to start with a core daylighting system analysis specific to the type of facility you operate and the lighting needs of the work performed there. This may include shading analyses, … Read More

Enhancing Natural Light in Your Home

The benefits of increasing the amount of natural light in your home or office space shouldn’t be dismissed. Natural light makes any room feel larger while helping to reduce the energy costs associated with artificial lighting.

Daylighting Systems Architectural and Interior Design Benefits

While any additional windows … Read More

The Next Generation of Daylighting: The Quasar Prismatic Skylight


If you want to maximize the energy savings inherent to daylighting technology, you need maximum light transmission. The Quasar Prismatic skylight, exclusively by Bristolite Daylighting Systems, has been proven to be the best skylight for electric light energy savings.Read More

Sunlight and PCs – Can Natural Sunlight Affect Your Digital Productivity?

 Sunlight and PCs - Can Natural Sunlight Affect Your Digital Productivity?
With the right strategy, you can reduce glare and create a productive office using natural lighting.

Switching from artificial lighting to natural lighting offers a range of benefits. It’s cheaper, less environmentally wasteful, healthier for employees, a major cause of … Read More

The Greenest States: Which States Have the Best Energy Efficiency Records?

energy efficient states

From Washington to Rhode Island, the United States is becoming more eco-friendly and energy efficient every year. Daylighting, insulation, renewable heat and a wide range of other energy efficient technologies are no longer niche, but mainstream.

What’s particularly inspiring about … Read More

5 Surprising Ways Energy Efficient Daylighting Can Help Your Business Save Money

Surprising Ways Energy Efficient Daylighting Can Help Your Business Save MoneyBoth environmental charities and government organizations have made the benefits of energy efficiency clear. From cleaner surroundings to a reduced carbon footprint, switching to green, energy-efficient technology keeps the environment safe and free of pollution and waste.

What many business … Read More

Modern Design and Daylighting – How Going Green Can Make Your Building Look Better and More Efficient

Going green doesn’t mean turning your building into an eyesore. In fact, with many of today’s top architectural buildings incorporating daylighting and energy efficient technology heavily into their designs, becoming more environmentally friendly is a great way to improve your … Read More

5 Reasons Why Schools Should Invest in Natural Light

Daylighting Systems for SchoolsFrom cost reductions to an increase in productivity, the benefits of daylighting for public and private schools can be incredible. Over the last two decades, a growing number of architects and school administrators have changed from reaching for a light … Read More

Natural Light and Visual Space: How Daylighting Makes Environments Feel Bigger

Make Your Space Appear Bigger with DaylightingColors, contrast, and lighting are three tools that any interior design is intimately familiar with. Capable of turning even the smallest of spaces into expensive rooms – or, in other cases, the largest of spaces into the coziest of rooms … Read More

Big Box Retail Daylighting Tips for Better Sales

Daylighting Tips for Big Box RetailIncreased foot traffic, improved revenue, and a more welcoming storefront are all key benefits of daylighting for retailers. Over the last decade, big-box retailers have committed to natural light due to its proven sales and marketing benefits.

From Wal-Mart to … Read More

Daylighting and Comfort: How to Create a Productive Environment with Natural Light

The Comfort of Daylighting BringsOne of natural light’s biggest benefits is its ability to create ultra-productive work environments. From high-tech offices to production centers, businesses of all types can benefit from the increases in productivity made possible by natural light.

In this guide, you’ll … Read More

Choosing a Daylighting Contractor: 5 Things to Look Out For

Reliable Daylighting ContractorAre you thinking about installing a daylighting system in your building? From lower bills to increased employee productivity, the benefits of daylighting for businesses are very difficult to ignore.

While daylighting systems are far from expensive – particularly in the

Read More

Daylighting Basics for Businesses

Daylighting Basics for OfficesFrom small, family-owned retailers to large corporations, businesses or all sizes can benefit from the savings in expenditure and increases in productivity made possible by daylighting.

With a wide variety of skylights and other daylighting systems available, sometimes it can … Read More

LEED Ratings: What Your Business Needs to Know

Get LEED Certification with Energy Efficient Skylight InstallationsOne of the biggest issues many energy efficient building operators face is knowing where their building succeeds and where it fails. From poor insulation to artificial lighting systems that could be replaced with natural sources, there are numerous energy inefficient … Read More

How Skylights Boost Productivity: Why Natural Light is Great For The Workplace

Boost Work Productivity with Natural Light and Daylighting SolutionsMost proponents of energy efficiency focus on its direct financial benefits, namely its results in decreasing office energy use. As well as being able to reduce office energy expenses, an energy efficient office is a fantastic asset for increasing office … Read More


Naturalite was founded in 1945 and is the largest domestic skylight manufacturer in the U.S.  Naturalite is the only skylight manufacturer that extrudes aluminum, Kynar finishes and anodizes all products in-house, resulting in high quality, durable, Made in America products.… Read More

Sunoptics® Prismatic Skylights

Energy Efficient Sunoptics® Prismatic Skylights for Daylighting

Sunoptics® Prismatic Skylights was founded in 1978 by Jerome Blomberg, an early leader in energy efficient use of sunlight to replace electric lighting buildings.  In February 2011, Sunoptics® was acquired by Acuity Brands, … Read More

Acralight™ International Skylights

Acralight™ International Skylights has been in business since 1980, providing design, fabrication and installation services to the U.S., Caribbean and Europe.  In 2011, as part of its geographic expansion, Acralight™ International Skylights acquired a Texas manufacturing facility,

Acralight™ International Skylights … Read More


Wasco®, a family-owned company, was founded 1935 in Cambridge, MA.   Wasco® products are proudly made in Maine and Reno, NV. Wasco Skylights© are fabricated for commercial and residential customers, including custom build services for architectural and construction clients.

Wasco® offers … Read More

Choosing a Skylight For Your Building: Buy Pre-Built or Custom Made?

Pre-Built and Custom Made Skylight InstallationsAre you thinking about making your building more energy efficient using skylights and other daylighting systems? For many businesses, the biggest energy efficiency choice they’ll make is between prefabricated skylights and a custom-built system.

Both pre-built skylights and custom made … Read More

5 Economic and Environmental Reasons to Make Your Office More Energy Efficient

Daylighting Solutions for a Better WorkplaceWith the price of energy on a constant upward trajectory and the value of efficient building practices continuing to increase, now is the best time to boost the energy efficiency of your office.

From insulated skylights to an office layout … Read More

How Lumira Aerogel Can Help You Save Money on Energy

Lumira Aerogel for Energy Efficient Skylights and WindowsAs the cost of electricity continues to grow, more businesses are making an effort to become energy efficient. From wall and ceiling insulation to energy-efficient modern appliances, the products and office materials available today go a long way towards reducing … Read More

Bristolite vs. Naturalite Skylights: Choosing The Right Company For Your Building

Energy-Efficient Commercial SkylightsAs the benefits of natural lighting become widely known amongst building owners and tenants alike, more people than ever before are looking at skylights as an energy-efficient lighting option. With several key companies in the market, finding the right one … Read More

Bristolite vs. Wasco Skylights: Which Company is Best For Your Energy-Efficient Building?

Coollites .26 SHGC Daylighting a Texas School 11 - CopyFrom increased workplace productivity to reduced energy bills, the positive effects of natural lighting are numerous and undeniable. As energy efficiency grows into a major concern amongst homeowners and businesses, choosing the right company for your daylighting system is becoming Read More