10 Ways to Become a Greener, More Productive and Sustainable Office

Productive and Sustainable Office

Just a decade or two ago, the idea of sustainability being a major priority for many businesses was easy to ignore. Today, however, energy efficiency and sustainability are some of the highest priorities for businesses both big and small.

While many people might associate sustainability and energy efficiency with costly supply chain modifications, the reality is that becoming more sustainable and eco-friendly is as simple as changing some of your workplace habits.

In this blog post, we’ll share 10 ways that you can turn your office into a greener, more productive, more focused, happier and far more sustainable business while spending as little as possible.

Go paperless

Do you print emails, memos and other everyday office documents? Instead of using huge amounts of paper – not to mention ink and energy required by your printers – to print out documents, use digital copies to keep your resource usage nice and low.

Turn off the AC

Feeling a little toasty? During summer it’s easy to default to turning your office’s air conditioning system on, even if it’s not that hot outside. On cooler days, switch if off and let your office stay at a natural temperature to save energy.

Open the blinds

Do you keep harsh, fluorescent lights switched on all day? Artificial lighting is one of the biggest users of energy in today’s modern offices. Reduce your energy usage and your monthly energy bill by opening the blinds and switching off the lights.

Switch off PCs

If you keep your workstation PCs on overnight, you could be spending hundreds of dollars more than you need to every year. PCs consume electricity when they’re in sleep mode; avoid wasting energy by turning them off at the close of business.

Start a carpool

Do several of your employees live close to each other? Instead of all commuting to work independently, encourage your team members to start a collective carpool to save gas and reduce the cost of traveling to and from work each day.

Add some greenery

Office plants don’t just make your office look better – they also make it a far more productive, focused place to work. Add some greenery to your office to improve its air quality and make your team more focused and productive.

Open the windows

Hot day? Instead of switching on the air conditioner, open the windows to let cool air into your office. Opening the windows not only saves power; it can also improve your office’s air quality by providing an additional means of air circulation.

Use natural light

Is the center of your office a little too dark for comfort? Instead of switching on the lights all day, consider installing a skylight or two near the center of your office to bring healthy, productivity-inspiring natural light to all areas of your workplace.

Use motion sensors

Lights, ventilation systems and other devices that are essential when people are in the room can waste a huge amount of energy when there’s no one around. Reduce your energy consumption by installing motion sensors in closets and other rooms.

Change your habits

Changing the technology in your office is one way to reduce energy usage, but a far more effective way is to change your team’s habits. Encourage people to switch off lights and use water sparingly to become a more sustainable, greener workplace.

Image Courtesy of: F.Schmidt / Shutterstock.com

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