4 Reasons to Use IECC 2012 Skylights in Your Commercial Building

IECC 2012 Skylights in Commercial Building
The IECC 2012 energy code sets out standards for commercial and residential buildings.

The 2012 International Energy Conservation Code raises the bar for energy usage in residential and commercial buildings, providing a detailed framework for buildings focused on minimizing energy usage and maximizing conservation.

If you’re interested in installing skylights in your commercial building, following the IECC 2012 energy code means that your building will comply with the latest energy conservation requirements and minimize its total energy consumption.

From stopping excessive warmth from making your work environment suboptimal to providing functional lighting that improves productivity, read on to learn how our IECC 2012 compliant Coollite glazing is a great choice for your commercial building.

Coollite glazing means functional light without serious heat

One of the most common reasons building owners avoid installing daylighting is the concern that skylights, which massively increase the level of functional light inside a building, could also increase the level of heat.

Coollite spectrally selective glazing is designed to maximize your building’s visible light levels without allowing any excess heat inside. This gives you functional light without excessive heat that can cause your HVAC system to work overtime.

This means improved office productivity and reduced power bills due to a unique mix of highly functional lighting and minimal heat transfer, ensuring your office is highly productive with a minimized level of energy consumption.

Coollite blocks 85% of infrared and 99.9% of ultraviolet light

Another common concern of building owners is the potential impact that infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) light can have on products. This is of particular concern in fulfillment centers, warehouses and other buildings that store products in bulk.

Extended exposure to ultraviolet light can result in UV degradation – a process that results in plastic polymers gradually deteriorating after extended exposure to high, steady levels of UV light.

Our Coollite glazing eliminates the potential for UV degradation by blocking 99.9% of ultraviolet light, making energy efficient daylighting a great choice for any indoor environment, even fulfillment centers and warehouses that hold product stock.

Coollite means your building’s daylighting exceeds IECC 2012

The IECC 2012 energy code is a comprehensive code that lists minimum standards for energy consumption and efficiency in a variety of areas, ranging from heating to insulation and lighting.

While many daylighting products meet the 2006 or 2009 IECC energy codes, Coollite meets the IECC 2012 code – the latest and most comprehensive energy code for both residential and commercial buildings.

This means that when you use Coollite skylights in your building, you’re not just up to date with an older energy code – you’re completely up to date with the latest and most demanding IECC energy code – IECC 2012.

Coollite glazing has minimal effect on visible light transmission

Many glazing systems block UV and IR light in order to minimize heat transfer, but do so at the expense of natural light. This results in light that’s suboptimal for work environments and too dark to completely replace artificial lighting.

This is because many of the glazing systems used in competing products have a big effect on visible light transfer. As well as blocking most UV and IR light, low quality glazing also blocks the visible light that you need in order to focus and work.

Our Coollite spectrally sensitive glazing is designed and engineered to block UV and IR light with only the minimum possible impact on visible light, giving you the light you need in order to maximize your building’s productivity level and output.

Is your building ready to upgrade its natural daylighting?

Does your building currently use daylighting? If you currently depend on artificial lighting, installing daylighting is a great way to reduce your building’s total energy consumption and make it a more efficient and productive place to work.

Our Coollite glazing system makes installing functional daylighting that exceeds the IECC 2012 energy code simple, giving your building the functional, energy efficient light it needs to maximize its productivity while minimizing its energy usage.

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