5 Benefits of Daylighting for Businesses Located in Hot, Humid Regions

Daylighting for Businesses Located in Hot, Humid RegionsFrom Florida to Hawaii, states with warm and humid climates are some of the best locations for making the most of daylighting. Thanks to year-round sunshine and a climate that makes maintaining skylights simple, there are numerous advantages to daylighting for businesses located in hot, humid regions.

In this blog post, we’ll share the five biggest benefits – from reduced energy costs to a healthier and happier work environment – that businesses located in hot, humid and sunny regions can enjoy by installing a daylighting system in their office, retail store or industrial building.

Significantly reduced energy bills

Workplaces in all locations can significantly lower their energy consumption using natural light, but businesses based in warm and sunny regions generally experience the biggest savings.

This is because intense sunlight is fantastic for lighting your workplace without any frustrating glare. By using skylights and windows that diffuse light, the intense sun of a state like Florida or Arizona can result in fantastic interior illumination.

With many businesses, particularly those in the shipping sector, spending as much as 30% of their monthly energy bill on lighting, switching to natural light is a great way for businesses in warm, sunny areas to reduce their expenses.

Increased workplace productivity

Daylight doesn’t just reduce your expenses – it also increases your output. Studies have shown that workplaces lit naturally outperform those lit using artificial lights in all key areas of productivity and total output.

The productivity increase offered by natural light is uniform across industries, with manufacturing-based businesses experiencing just as great a leap in output as their counterparts in the services industry.

Since sunlight is more constant in states with a tropical or subtropical climate, the increase in workplace productivity caused by daylighting remains steady for all of the workday, reducing the mid-afternoon ‘burnout’ many people experience.

Reduced skylight maintenance

Modern skylights are designed to handle extreme weather very well, and can remain strong even under the weight of normal snowfall. However, certain types of extreme weather such as hailstorms can increase their maintenance requirements.

Although some hot and humid regions are affected by extreme wind, their weather conditions are – for the most part – ideal for enjoying all of the benefits of skylights and natural workplace lighting with minimal maintenance requirements.

Stable workplace temperatures

Many businesses mistakenly believe that installing skylights and large windows in their workplace will lead to heat transfer, resulting in an increased dependence on air conditioning in summer and a demand for greater heating in winter.

Prior to modern glazing and infrared protection, this was true. However, thanks to the insulating films and materials used in modern skylights, infrared heat transfer isn’t an issue and interior temperatures remain stable and predictable.

This means your office, retail store or industrial facility will remain well lit and cool enough to work in comfortably without excessive air conditioning. Many businesses actually spend less on temperature control after installing modern daylighting.

Happier, healthier employees

Scientists are just beginning to discover how important exposure to sunlight is for our health and wellbeing. From increasing our vitamin D levels to fighting mental illnesses such as depression, sunlight exposure has numerous health benefits.

Many of these health benefits are maximized in areas where daytime sunlight is a constant occurrence. Lighting your office naturally doesn’t just give your team far greater productivity; it also makes them happier and healthier.

From improving your immune system to increasing your alertness, the benefits of natural light make any workplace – but especially those in sunny regions – a better place to work for every member of the team.

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