5 Essential Elements to Make Your Workplace Healthy and Productive

Elements to Make Your Workplace Healthy and Productive
Natural light, fresh air and plant life all contribute to making your office a more productive place to work.

Productivity is something that almost every professional struggles with. Keeping focused and concentrated can be easy for a few moments, but as time goes on, it’s easy to let distractions take over.

Many people have the wrong approach to productivity. They focus on applications and tools that promise optimum efficiency, often forgetting that the key to effective productivity is a great environment.

From natural light to fresh air, the environment you work in has a significant effect on your ability to work productively. Even the most efficient person will struggle to get much done in an inefficient, unhealthy work environment.

On the other hand, a work environment designed for productivity allows anyone – even people who are usually very inefficient – to focus entirely on their work and massively increase the amount that they produce.

Would you like to learn how to create a productive, healthy workplace? Read on to discover the five essential elements of a productive workplace that you can use to get more done in less time during your workweek.

Natural light

Natural light has a serious effect on productivity. Environments list naturally result in greater focus from workers, fewer distractions and significantly improved total productive output for businesses.

Swiss researcher Mirjam Munch has spent years discovering the link between light and productivity. Her research indicates that focus and energy levels both increase in naturally lit environments and decline in artificially lit workspaces.

Want to increase your office’s output? Switch off the fluorescent lighting and open the blinds – lighting your office using sunlight not only saves money; it also helps your team remain focused and productive throughout the day.


Have you ever noticed your mind becoming cluttered in a messy environment? A messy workplace does more than just make finding documents and items difficult; it’s also closely correlated with reduced productivity and workplace output.

Your environment has a significant effect on your productivity and mood. Working in a messy, disorganized environment often produces a similar mentality – one that leads to team members valuing mess and clutter over focus and order.

Create a clean, focused mindset by keeping your workplace clean and focused. With simple organization and a clutter-free work environment, you’ll produce a mindset of organization and efficiency that massively increases your office’s effectiveness.


There’s a reason today’s most effective companies are embracing open-plan offices: they work. Open offices without dividers make collaboration and discussion simple, resulting in greater creativity and productivity.

Not only do open offices improve productivity and focus – they also make it easier for natural light to travel throughout your office space, giving everyone – no matter how far they are from the edges of your building – a view of life outside.

Tear down dividers and cubicles and replace them with open-plan seating and desks for maximum collaboration and focus. Open plan offices aren’t for everyone, but the right open layout can have serious positive effects on productivity and focus.

Fresh air

Just like artificial lighting reduces productivity and saps workers of energy late in the day, stale or unnatural air can have the same effect. The best offices mimic the natural environments, not just in terms of light but also in air freshness.

Fresh air – whether from an efficient air conditioning system or an open window – has a huge effect on productivity. Studies reveal that air should be fresh in order to maximize focus, with humidity set between 30 and 50 percent.

Whether your office is on the 3rd floor or the 30th, make an effort to ensure it gets plenty of fresh air. From removing dust from carpets and HVAC systems to simply opening the window, every effort to freshen your air will improve productivity.

Plant life

The greener your office, the better your results. Studies indicate that employees in offices without significant green life feel less focused and, more worryingly, slightly less happy than their counterparts in greener, more natural workplaces.

Adding greenery to your office improves focus, productivity and mood, according to psychologists from Exeter University. Offices devoid of decoration and plant life are “toxic spaces” that lower productivity, mood and even worker energy levels.

Science is repeatedly confirming something that many designers have known for a long time: the best offices tend to be the most natural. Rid your office of clutter and mess and replace with natural light, fresh air and plenty of greenery.

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