5 Great Reasons to Install Skylights in Your Workplace

Reasons to Install Skylights in Your WorkplaceCertain objects, when left in direct sunlight, can become worn and damaged. It’s a well-known fact that ultra-violet radiation from sunlight can cause objects made from both natural and synthetic polymers to crack, wear away, or face when they are exposed to sunlight.

Whether you operate a sales-focused retail store or an ultra-modern digital office, switching from artificial to natural lighting offers a wide variety of benefits, from productivity boosts to serious reductions in utility bills and expenses.

One of the easiest ways to introduce natural light into your workplace is by adding skylights to your building. In this blog post, we’ll explore the five biggest benefits of installing skylights in your retail store, office, or manufacturing building.

Benefit from increased work output and productivity

Have you ever noticed that you feel more motivated and productive in a workplace that’s lit naturally than in one flooded with fluorescent artificial light? Science now backs up what many people have known for decades: natural light makes you more productive and efficient.

Research headed by Swiss scientist Mirjam Müench shows that workers achieve a higher productivity level when stationed in naturally lit environments than when located in outdated offices with artificial lighting. In this way, the cost of switching to skylights and natural light pays for itself via increased productivity.

Create a more comfortable and appealing workplace

Artificial lighting has a variety of negative health effects. Some people have trouble sleeping properly when they spend large amounts of time in artificially lit buildings, while others struggle with headaches and reduced energy levels when their natural sun exposure is limited by office lighting.

Installing small skylights in your office, retail store or workplace can have a massive positive effect on employee comfort and happiness. Since sun exposure is one of the most important elements of good health, using skylights to light your office lets you keep your team focused, efficient and more comfortable at work.

Reduce stress levels and keep your team motivated

Did you know that natural light can reduce feelings of stress, frustration and overall tiredness? As little as 10 minutes of exposure to sunlight every day is enough to cut your stress levels dramatically, helping you achieve a better level of health and a far more satisfying life and career.

In addition to reducing stress, natural light can increase your motivation and keep you focused on the task at hand. Even with diffusing filters, the natural light from a skylight will help to keep your team more motivated and relaxed throughout the average workday, increasing your output.

Lower your energy bills and improve the environment

The cost of energy is on the rise, and despite the introduction of more efficient office light bulbs, artificial lighting continues to be one of the biggest utility costs for most businesses. While some artificial lighting may still be necessary for your workplace, it’s possible to drastically reduce your energy bills using natural daylighting.

With the right skylight placement, you can completely light your office during the daytime with natural light alone. Intelligent planning and the right skylights make significant reductions in your energy expenses – in some cases, more than 30% per month on a long-term basis – very possible for your business.

Increase your sales team’s close rate and earnings

Did you know that natural light helps your sales team close deals and market your products effectively? There’s a reason photographers prefer natural light above all artificial light sources – it makes products look better and encouraged customers to interact with them.

Numerous retail chains – from Wal-Mart to Target – have studied the effects light can have on sales. All of them have reached the same conclusion: natural light from skylights and daylighting systems increases sales rates, makes customers far more interested in products, and helps significantly boost the company’s bottom line.

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