5 Key Benefits of Incorporating Daylighting Into Your Manufacturing Plant

Over the last two decades, manufacturing plants across the United States have been switching from energy-hungry artificial lighting systems to modern daylighting. The nationwide change in lighting habits hasn’t been for nothing – daylighting offers an incredible range of benefits for businesses in the manufacturing sector.

From more affordable monthly energy bills to significantly more happy employees, read on to learn more about the five scientifically-proven benefits of switching from artificial lighting to natural daylighting in your manufacturing plant.

1. A healthier, more alert, and more productive workforce


Swiss researcher Mirjam Münch has spent years examining the complex connection between exposure to natural light and good health. Her studies have revealed that a real connection exists between exposure to natural light and increased productivity, better health, and a reduced likelihood of developing depression.

Turning off artificial lighting systems and increasing your exposure to sunlight isn’t just healthy, it’s profitable. Exposure to artificial light significantly increases the level of cortisol produced by the body, making you feel less focused, less energetic, and far less productive.

The cost of installing a daylighting system in your manufacturing plant is far from unaffordable. In addition, the savings you’ll be able to achieve in health expenses, lost productivity due to sick leave, and the increased revenue from a productive, focused, and attentive workforce make it a very profitable investment indeed.

2. A greener, more environmentally responsible workplace


Being green doesn’t mean becoming less efficient. In fact, as the link between light exposure and productivity explored above shows, making your work environment greener actually has a positive effect on productivity, profitability, and output.

By switching off your workplace lighting system and installing an energy efficient daylighting system, you can significantly reduce the amount of energy used in your workplace. This will make your manufacturing plant more environmentally friendly, as well as increasing your workforce productivity.

3. A significantly more affordable monthly energy bill

Lighting your workplace is far from cheap. The average American business spends approximately 35 percent of its monthly energy bill on lighting – namely, the cost of operating large office and industrial lights during the daytime.

This cost can be significantly reduced – or in some cases, completely eliminated – by making your business less dependent on artificial lighting. Even a simple daylighting system can reduce your artificial lighting energy usage by 20 to 50 percent, making your monthly energy bill far more affordable than it is right now.

4.A better LEED rating and major tax incentives


Improving your business’s energy efficiency through daylighting has a wide range of benefits. One of these is an improved Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design rating. LEED ratings assess buildings based on their energy consumption and offer a series of certifications depending on how efficiency and green they are.

When your building achieves a good LEED rating, it could become eligible for a wide range of tax incentives and credits. Check with your state’s environmental agency to learn more about how improving your environmental record could help you reduce your tax obligations.

5. A more aesthetically pleasing, relaxing place to work


Have you ever walked into a closed-off, artificially lit building after spending most of your day outside? It doesn’t just look bad; it feels bad too. Artificial light saps energy from your work environment and makes it feel unwelcoming, uncomfortable, and less pleasing to work in.

In contrast, natural light makes your workplace feel more welcoming, warmer, and more comfortable. From the productivity benefits to the feeling of being in a more natural environment, switching to natural daylighting doesn’t just improve your environmental record or productivity; it makes your workplace a more relaxing, comfortable place to work.

“Image courtesy of Felipe Dupouy/Jupiterimages.com”

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