5 Reasons You Should Install Skylights in Your Building

Reasons You Should Install Skylights in Your BuildingDo you still depend on artificial lighting in your workplace? From reducing your energy bills to improving productivity, switching to natural light has a wide variety of benefits for your business.

One of the easiest ways to increase the amount of natural light in your workplace is by installing skylights. In this blog post, you’ll learn five reasons to install skylights in your company office, retail store, manufacturing plant, or storage center.

Reduce your electricity bills

One of the biggest benefits of natural light is that it’s free. Many businesses spend thousands of dollars a month on artificial lighting, especially companies with large, expansive workplaces to keep lit during the daytime.

A single skylight can replace several large artificial lighting units, making it a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative. Many businesses have reduced their monthly energy bills by more than 30 percent using natural lighting.

Skylights are available in a wide variety of sizes, making them suitable for almost any type of commercial or industrial building. Whether you run a modern office or retail outlet, install skylights today and enjoy cheaper monthly electrical bills.

Improve your productivity

Did you know that natural light makes you more productive? Numerous scientific studies show that people work more efficiently when they’re exposed to sunlight, regardless of their qualifications or profession.

By switching from artificial lighting to skylights, you not only save money on your monthly utility bill – you can increase your productive work output and generate a higher amount of revenue.

In addition to improving productivity, exposure to natural light increases energy levels. This means that installing skylights can help to prevent the ‘late afternoon energy burnout’ that affects many workplaces.

Make employees happier

Not only are employees more productive in work environments lit using natural sunlight; they’re also happier. Research from Swiss expert Mirjam Müench shows that people are more focused, attentive, and happy when exposed to sunlight.

In fact, normal amounts of exposure to daylight have been linked to lower levels of depression and stress. Installing skylights in your office not only makes employees more productive and focused – it also makes them happier and less stressful.

Close far more sales

Some of the world’s biggest retailers have installed skylights in their stores for more than just productivity benefits. Studies from Wal-Mart and other well-known brands show that stores with skylights produce more sales than artificially lit stores.

This is particularly true when it comes to lighting the checkout environment. Stores with natural light around the checkout counter – either from windows or skylights – tend to produce more sales than their artificially lit counterparts.

Beyond this, products stored under skylights tend to sell at higher rates than those stored in artificially lit areas. If you operate a retail business, daylighting could help you close more sales, as well as improving workplace mood and productivity.

Help the environment

Beyond the financial and health benefits of daylighting, there’s a real environmental benefit. By making your building more energy efficient, you contribute to a cleaner, greener, more environmentally healthy world.

Installing skylights reduces your building’s energy consumption, which can result in a substantial reduction to your carbon production. Fight climate change and energy bills at the same time by investing in high quality skylights for your workplace.

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