5 Surprising Ways Energy Efficient Daylighting Can Help Your Business Save Money

Surprising Ways Energy Efficient Daylighting Can Help Your Business Save MoneyBoth environmental charities and government organizations have made the benefits of energy efficiency clear. From cleaner surroundings to a reduced carbon footprint, switching to green, energy-efficient technology keeps the environment safe and free of pollution and waste.

What many business owners are unaware of, however, is the practical side of energy efficiency. Far from being a financially inefficient investment in saving the planet, an energy efficient daylighting system won’t cost your business money – changes are, it will actually save it money.

In this blog post, we’re going to cover the five most surprising ways energy efficient daylighting can help your business, be it a retail store or a large industrial business, save money by improving its monthly utility bills, lowering its tax payments, and reducing its wasted work productivity.

1.Daylighting reduces your electrical consumption

Artificial lighting is one of the biggest ‘phantom expenses’ for modern businesses. A ‘phantom expense’ is an expense that most businesses don’t notice – a hidden cost of operating that most people never think of lowering due to its ‘necessity.’

As it turns out, artificial lighting isn’t as essential as many people once believed. Due to the excellent lighting provided by modern skylights and daylighting systems, the artificial lighting systems that dominated 20th century offices are increasingly being phased out in favor of skylights and large windows.

Because of this, the huge energy costs of operating an artificial lighting system are gradually decreasing. Switch to natural light and your business can also enjoy the huge savings a daylight system can provide.

2. Modern skylights prevent ambient heat transfer.

At the peak of summer, heat wastes very little time traveling from the exterior of your building to the interior. Old skylights and daylighting systems tended to let heat travel inside, offering little in the way of insulation or protective film to stop unwanted heat or UV radiation.

Today’s skylights, however, are different. Many use protective materials to prevent unwanted heat from making its way inside your workplace. This means your HVAC system has a far easier job to perform, and that a stable interior temperature can be achieved without excess electrical consumption.

3. Effective daylighting increases workplace output.

The science proves it: natural light doesn’t just save you money, it makes you more money. Swiss researcher Mirjam Münch has studied the effects of daylight on work productivity and mood, and her findings indicate that workers are more efficient in environments lit by sunlight than in environments lit by artificial systems.

In a factory setting, this means increased output and improved quality control. In an office setting, it means reduced afternoon fatigue and a more attentive staff. From an industrial environment to the competitive sales floors of today’s top companies, the productivity advantages of natural light are clear.

4. Natural light improves the health of your business.

As well as improving productivity, exposure to natural sunlight improved health. A wealth of research indicates that people who are exposed to natural light during the day are less likely to become ill due, as well as significantly more likely to achieve a stable mood throughout the day.

This means fewer missed days due to sickness, and significantly higher productivity due to improved moods and outlook. A motivated workplace is an effective one, and the science strongly indicates that exposure to natural light plays a huge role in your workplace’s health and positivity.

5. Going energy efficient can have useful tax benefits.

Being energy inefficient doesn’t just inflate your monthly utility bill – it could also be the cause of a higher tax burden. An extensive variety of tax incentives are available for businesses interested in improving their energy efficiency, particularly in states like California that have pioneered energy efficient design.

Speak to your accountant about how going green could save you money. You might discover that investing in energy efficient daylighting has benefits beyond reducing your monthly energy bills and improving the health and focus of your staff.

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