5 Ways to Reduce Your Building’s Energy Usage and Increase its Value

energy efficient building

Many businesses think of energy efficiency as something that only produces savings in the long term. They look at reduced energy bills and think of the savings over the coming years; rarely do they assess the immediate value of energy efficiency.

While much of the value of energy efficiency only becomes apparent over the long term, one of the biggest benefits of becoming energy efficient is instant: an increase in your building’s commercial value.

In this blog post, we’ll share five ways that you can reduce your building’s energy usage and increase its value at the same time, giving you the long-term savings of energy efficiency as well as an immediate increase in property value.

Install energy efficient daylighting

Daylighting should be a serious priority for any business owner. Not only do offices and workplaces lit using natural sunlight use less energy; they’re also better, more productive placed to work.

Research from a number of scientists shows that workplaces lit using daylight tend to be more productive, less unhealthy and happier among employees. They’re also more valuable, commanding higher prices than workplaces lit using artificial light.

From reducing your lighting-related energy consumption by more than 30 percent to giving your team a more productive workplace, installing daylighting is one of the best ways to make your building more energy efficient and more valuable.

Reduce energy usage with insulation

In regions with cool fall and winter months, installing insulation is a fantastic way to reduce your building’s energy consumption. A huge amount of heat is lost through a building’s walls and ceilings – heat that insulation can help keep inside.

In addition to reducing heat loss due to temperature differences between the inside and outside of your building, effective insulation keeps heat out of your building on exceptionally warm days, taking some of the strain off your air conditioning.

When used effectively, good insulation can result in a major energy usage reduction that has a serious effect on your bottom line. It also has a second benefit: a stronger valuation for your building.

Focus on acquiring LEED certification

LEED – a shortened form of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design – is a set of rating systems for building design and construction. Certified buildings tend to be more energy efficient and environmentally responsible than the norm.

While gaining LEED certification doesn’t necessarily make your business any more energy efficient, the process of becoming LEED certified often involves making big changes to the way your building operates that reduce its energy efficiency.

LEED certification is also a major selling point for your building, and becoming LEED certified can only have positive effects on your building’s value. If you’d like to lower energy consumption in the long term, LEED certification is a fantastic goal.

Make your building water efficient

There’s more to being environmentally responsible and efficient than just reducing your energy consumption. Today’s most efficient buildings don’t just limit the level of energy they use; they also limit the amount of water they use.

Water is a valuable resource, and one that’s remarkably scarce in warm, dry states such as California. Saving water is one of the best ways to make your building more energy efficient and increase its value.

From faucet aerators that reduce your water consumption without changing your building’s functionality to ultra-efficient modern plumbing systems, consider the positive effects becoming more water efficient could have for your building.

Use Energy Star equipment and appliances

Not all appliances are equally efficient. From air conditioners to washing machines, appliances that carry the Energy Star logo are typically the most efficient devices in their category, using less energy than their counterparts.

While not all of the appliances you install in your building affect its value, electrical systems like air conditioning and heating can have a huge impact on your building’s property value and sales price.

From underfloor heating to air conditioning, make sure you purchase Energy Star equipment and appliances when you outfit your building. Not only will it save you money; it will also increase your building’s value over the long term.

Image Courtesy of: Marin de Espinosa | Shutterstock

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