6 Ways to Make Your Workplace More Energy Efficient Without Spending a Penny

Make Your Workplace More Energy Efficient Without Spending a PennyAre your workplace energy bills creeping up every month? With the price of energy on the rise, being energy efficient is becoming more important for a wide variety of businesses.

Do you want to reduce your energy consumption and before more efficient without spending a penny? These six budget-conscious energy efficiency tips will help you conserve energy without hurting your balance sheet.

Switch from paper to paperless

Do you print memos, invoices and other documents? Instead of printing everything you need to run your business, make it a habit to keep non-essential documents in your email inbox instead of your filing cabinet.

Going 100% paperless is difficult – if not impossible – for most businesses. Strike a compromise and try to digitize at least 80% of your office communications and put an end to printing everything you receive

Turn lights off when not in use

Are your office lights on all the time? If you’re only using half of your workspace, try switching off half of your lighting and using natural light to keep your office well lit and comfortable to work in.

Storage closets, break rooms and other spaces that aren’t constantly in use are often lit even when it’s unnecessary. Make it a habit to switch off lights in empty rooms, or use a motion sensor to trigger lights on and off when people are and aren’t around.

Turn off and unplug electronics

From computers to copiers, workplace equipment can use a huge amount of energy when it’s idle. At the end of the workday, turn off and unplug non-essential devices to substantially reduce your workplace’s power consumption.

Want to become even more energy efficient? Don’t just switch off devices when the workday ends – turn off computer monitors and other non-essential devices during your lunch break and whenever they’re not in use.

Stay away from the thermostat

Two things increase the amount of energy your air conditioning system uses: a large difference between the room temperature and your thermostat’s setting, and what’s often known as ‘office thermostat abuse.’

Adjusting the thermostat frequently forces your air conditioning system to adjust its activity level, increasing energy consumption. Set it to a comfortable temperature in the morning and leave it alone for the rest of the day, aside from minor adjustments.

Dress to suit the weather

Do you run your own business? If so, dress according to the weather, not according to what you think is the right level of business attire. Adjusting your clothing to suit the weather means you’ll feel more comfortable even without the air conditioner.

From lighter linen suits to the business casual dress code of many startups, you can look formal and respectable without spending the day relying on the air conditioner to make your three-piece suit feel more bearable.

Open the blinds and windows

Office too hot? Lighting too bright? Instead of artificially lighting and heating your workplace, pull back the blinds and open the windows to let in cool air and natural light.

Natural light is ideal for lighting modern offices and workplaces. From productivity increases to improved employee happiness, it has numerous benefits in addition to its ability to significantly reduce your workplace’s energy consumption.

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