Acralight™ International Skylights

Acralight™ International Skylights has been in business since 1980, providing design, fabrication and installation services to the U.S., Caribbean and Europe.  In 2011, as part of its geographic expansion, Acralight™ International Skylights acquired a Texas manufacturing facility,

Acralight™ International Skylights provides numerous skylight designs and related products that include: fall guards; smoke vents; roof hatches; and security/safety barriers.  Acralight™ manufactures multiple glass and plastic skylights.  Glass panes are available laminated, tempered, insulated or with custom decorative silkscreened designs.

Acralight™International Skylights manufactures products for commercial, industrial, and residential use.  Custom services—from design, to fabrication, to installation— are also part of Acralight’s™ collaborative services.

Acralight™ provides energy efficient and money saving products to fit today’s green building and LEED designs.  Innovative products, such as photovoltaic coverings and Nanogel coatings allow Acralight™ International Skylights customers keep pace with today’s ever-changing technologic landscape.

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