The Differences Between R-values and U-values

R-Values… U-Values… What’s the Difference?

Homes and businesses around the nation have become more efficient in recent years… Credit reduced energy consumption along with improved structural insulation which protects against indoor and outdoor temperature variations.

The latter is made quantifiable … Read More

Energy Code Compliant UV Blocking Skylights

• energy code compliant skylights

Rethinking Skylights—How Modern Innovation Can Help You Design the Right Space for Your Clients

As an architect, you are challenged with creating spaces that are as visually appealing as they are functional. This task can often seem insurmountable, because you … Read More

High-Efficiency Daylight Harvesting System

Daylighting in Winter

Natural light prevents seasonal affective disorder from developing during winter.

The Sophisticated Designs Behind a Simple Concept

A daylight harvesting lighting system, on its surface, is a pretty straightforward concept. Doors and windows are used to become the primary Read More

Help Enlarge Your Workplace With Bristolite Skylights


skylighting for offices

Interior designers are taught to manipulate an area utilizing light, color, and the contrasts that typically exist between them. With respect to contrast, spaces that feature dark-colored flooring and light-colored walls tend to feel less spacious than areas that … Read More


Want Better Performing Students? Let Them Bask in Natural Light

Educational experts around the country are continuously trying to create & implement new learning initiatives meant to increase student achievement. To say the least, some have been more successful than others. However, the physical structure is often overlooked as a … Read More

skylight1 in roof

Daylighting the Right Way

The incorporation of natural light into modern green building energy design, commonly known as daylighting, has become an increasingly popular construction technique that can improve energy performance in any building while simultaneously improving the comfort and productivity of building occupants. … Read More




Today’s customer no longer needs to make a trade-off between superior insulation properties and high quality natural lighting when choosing a skylight system.  Nano Insulgel, provides up to 6x the insulating value of a traditional skylight while transmitting … Read More


Naturalite was founded in 1945 and is the largest domestic skylight manufacturer in the U.S.  Naturalite is the only skylight manufacturer that extrudes aluminum, Kynar finishes and anodizes all products in-house, resulting in high quality, durable, Made in America products.… Read More

Sunoptics® Prismatic Skylights

Energy Efficient Sunoptics® Prismatic Skylights for Daylighting

Sunoptics® Prismatic Skylights was founded in 1978 by Jerome Blomberg, an early leader in energy efficient use of sunlight to replace electric lighting buildings.  In February 2011, Sunoptics® was acquired by Acuity Brands, … Read More

Acralight™ International Skylights

Acralight™ International Skylights has been in business since 1980, providing design, fabrication and installation services to the U.S., Caribbean and Europe.  In 2011, as part of its geographic expansion, Acralight™ International Skylights acquired a Texas manufacturing facility,

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Wasco®, a family-owned company, was founded 1935 in Cambridge, MA.   Wasco® products are proudly made in Maine and Reno, NV. Wasco Skylights© are fabricated for commercial and residential customers, including custom build services for architectural and construction clients.

Wasco® offers … Read More

Skylight Question

About 27 years ago (1984) I installed a Bristolite Skylite (don’t know the model) on a residential home with a wood shingle roof. The skylite has, what I believe to be, a white acrylic dome on the outside and a … Read More

Nano Insulgel

Unbelievable product. We wanted green technology. Low U Factor / Super insulating properties and sound dampening as our facilty is within two miles of a major airport and on the north approach flight path. Your proprietary Nano Insulgel – silica … Read More


Thank you Bristolite for answering my questions about Coollite. We could not find another plastic unit skylight with Coollite’s performance of 0.26 SHGC and 0.45 U Factor. Even some of the competitors “cobbled up” triple dome over flat glazing of … Read More