Bristolite Advantage Building Heat And Smoke Vents

Protect Your Employees And Building Or Commercial Property By Upgrading Your Smoke Ventilation System

Benefits of Heat Smoke Vents

Upgrading a building’s infrastructure rarely draws the same sort of excitement as refreshing any of the aesthetic features. We know, of course, that investing in the former is the savvy play. But when we’re spending thousands on a single project, we’d like to at least be able to see something, anything, for it.

As a longtime supplier of smoke vents for commercial buildings, we’ve witnessed this struggle again and again, and it never seems to become any more palatable, whether it’s a multimillion-dollar, new-construction project or a modest upgrade required to restore code compliance. The same way a homeowner wishes that every dollar spent on his home would somehow enhance his comfort, an entrepreneur would like to believe that every dollar invested in his business would have a direct, positive impact on his revenue. But maintenance, like replacing deteriorating smoke vents, is simply part of the cost of doing business, just as it is the cost of owning a home.

Consider this: Your building’s smoke ventilation system is the difference between a spark of any kind, intentional or not, burning in a controlled fashion and its heat mushrooming and lighting up everything around it like a drought-parched forest.

The Biggest Safety Benefits of Installing Heat Smoke Vents in Your Building

Should a fire breakout—nothing is entirely preventable, of course—the smoke vents on the roof will help arriving firefighters gauge its source and intensity before entering the building, while keeping the interior smoke level from becoming immediately blinding and suffocating, buying its occupants more time to exit safely.

If that doesn’t give you the peace of mind you’re after, this should: The best smoke exhaust ventilation networks, like most home and building features today, have evolved in fairly dramatic ways in recent years to better react to what we’ve learned about fire’s behavior in buildings, especially the large, single-level kind, and interact with increasingly sophisticated fire-protection systems. It’s still not eye candy, but you should be able to convince yourself now that you’re investing in some cutting-edge hardware.

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