Bristolite vs. Acralight Skylights: Which is Best For Your Home or Office?

Daylighting Solutions for Optimum Energy EfficiencyA lot of decisions go into finding the right skylight for your building. Which materials are ideal for your design and environment? What size of skylight will bring in the maximum amount of usable light? Which skylight design is best for reducing the amount that you’ll spend every month on lighting, heating, and insulation?

Along with the practical questions of choosing the best skylight, many people have questions about the ideal skylight brand. Today, we’ll be looking at two of the most popular skylight brands on the market: our own Bristolite Daylighting Systems, and skylights made by Acralight International Skylights.

Before we get into the ‘nitty gritty’ of each company’s products, let’s look at where each company is located. Both Bristolite and Acralight are headquartered in sunny Southern California, with their national offices located in Santa Ana.

Bristolite vs. Acralight Skylights: Reducing Monthly Energy Costs

Both Bristolite and Acralight offer a variety of products aimed at helping building owners reduce energy consumption. Bristolite offers an interesting type of skylight called Coollite, which uses spectrally selective glazing to block 85 percent of infrared and 99.9 percent of UV light in order to reduce skylight ‘heat leaking.’

This helps home and business owners achieve two goals: lighting their offices using a natural source and reducing their dependence on office air conditioning systems.

Acralight offers its own energy efficient daylighting product called NanoStar. This high-performing skylight, like Bristolite’s Coollite, is designed to help owners and tenants achieve ideal energy efficiency and reduce their power spending.

Bristolite vs. Acralight Skylights: Achieving Optimum Energy Efficiency

With state energy codes and LEED points becoming more important in the world of business, achieving optimum energy efficiency is a major priority. Bristolite’s range of skylights and daylighting systems is built to help business owners achieve great LEED ratings and excel when it comes to energy efficiency.

Likewise, Acralight designs its products and custom installations to help both new and existing buildings achieve optimum energy efficiency. Bristolite offers a polycarbonate heat transfer reduction technology called Nano Insulgel, with Acralight offering a similar polycarbonate technology called Nanogel.

Bristolite vs. Acralight Skylights: Experience and Versatility in Daylighting

When you spend forty hours a week working under a skylight, knowing that you’ve received quality work is important. Bristolite has an excellent track record when it comes to designing and installing energy-efficient systems in commercial settings on both the consumer and supply side of the business.

Bristolite’s achievements include a $77,000 reduction in annual energy expenses for well-known truck camper manufacturer Lance Camper.

Acralight has worked on projects for Valley Crest and the Sierra Business Center, as well as many other developments in Southern California. Unfortunately, they offer little information on specific savings in energy consumption and spending that they have achieved for customers.

Bristolite vs. Acralight Skylights: Customer Service and Guarantees

Bristolite Daylighting Systems offers one of the best guarantees in the business: a dependable one-year warranty on workmanship and skylight materials, and a five-year warranty that your Bristolite skylight will never leak. Learn more about how durable Bristolite’s products are with its skylight stress testing videos.

Acralight also offers a five-year guarantee on skylights, protecting customers in the event that a skylight ever leaks or deteriorates due to normal wear and tear.

How Can You Know Which Company is Best For You?

Would you like to learn more about choosing the perfect daylighting company for your building? Bristolite offers a free, no-obligation daylighting and energy analysis plan for anyone interested in learning more about energy efficiency.

Click here to locate a local sales representative and learn more about how Bristolite can use new technology and skilled workmanship to keep your energy expenses as low as possible.

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