Bristolite vs. Naturalite Skylights: Choosing The Right Company For Your Building

Energy-Efficient Commercial SkylightsAs the benefits of natural lighting become widely known amongst building owners and tenants alike, more people than ever before are looking at skylights as an energy-efficient lighting option. With several key companies in the market, finding the right one for your building is a process that deserves a lot of thought.

Today, we’re going to look at Naturalite Skylights – a Texas-based skylight company – and compare its product lineup and service offerings to our own products here at Bristolite. Read on and join us as we compare each company’s products for offices, retail outlets, and public buildings, as well as their post-sale customer service.

Before we begin, let’s look at each company’s location and culture. Bristolite is based in Orange County, California, with its headquarters in Santa Ana and a large network of sales representatives around the country. Naturalite Skylights is based in Terrell, Texas – a small city located within an hour’s drive of the Dallas Metropolitan Area.

Bristolite vs. Naturalite Skylights: Office Skylights and Natural Lighting

Lighting your office with sunlight has numerous benefits. Enjoy a major increase in productivity, a noticeable boost to your happiness, and a work environment that’s remarkably comfortable and welcoming.

Bristolite offers a wide range of commercial skylights. Nano Insulgel is a proprietary technology that minimizes heat transfer while maximizing diffused light. Coollite is an incredible infrared and UV light blocker that reduces solar heat to minimize your office energy bill.

All of Bristolite’s skylight insulation technologies can be used in custom skylights to suit the design of your building.

Naturalite also offers a respectable range of skylights, many of which can be used in a commercial setting. Many of Naturalite’s pre-built skylights use technology called SunGlass for optimum office energy efficiency and reduced solar heat transfer.

Bristolite vs. Naturalite Skylights: Energy-Efficient Commercial Skylights

From custom skylights to pre-built Coollite domes that deliver productivity-boosting diffused natural light, Bristolite offers a wide range of skylights for businesses, both big and small.

Bristolite skylights are designed to minimize solar heat transfer using technology like Nano Insulgel. This ultra-powerful insulation is six times as effective as other skylights, making it ideal for achieving energy efficiency in your retail outlet.

Naturalite also offers a wide range of skylights and daylighting options for offices and commercial buildings. Like Bristolite, Naturalite offers custom skylights and daylighting options that are energy efficient and ideal for LEED certification.

Bristolite vs. Naturalite Skylights: Warranties and Customer Service

Whether you choose Bristolite or Naturalite for your skylights, you can enjoy a risk-free purchase. Bristolite offers a five-year anti-leak warranty on all of its skylights, as well as a one-year workmanship and materials warranty.

If you install a Bristolite skylight in your building, you’ll also enjoy a ten-year anti-yellowing guarantee. Like Bristolite, Naturalite offers a ten-year warranty on the insulating glass material used in its skylights.

Want to see how strong a Bristolite skylight is? See an independent third party test the strength of Bristolite’s skylights using a variety of hard and heavy projectiles.

Retail, Office, or Industry: Which Company is Best For You?

Are you unsure of which company is the best choice for your retailer, warehouse, or office daylighting needs? Let Bristolite’s staff help you work out what’s best for your building with a free, no-obligation energy efficiency analysis and daylighting plan.

Click here to search for Bristolite sales representatives in your local area to learn more about the company’s fantastic range of skylights, as well as the savings that you could enjoy after making your office, store, or facility more energy efficient.

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