Bristolite vs. Wasco Skylights: Which Company is Best For Your Energy-Efficient Building?

Coollites .26 SHGC Daylighting a Texas School 11 - CopyFrom increased workplace productivity to reduced energy bills, the positive effects of natural lighting are numerous and undeniable. As energy efficiency grows into a major concern amongst homeowners and businesses, choosing the right company for your daylighting system is becoming an increasingly important decision.

One of the best ways to avoid choosing the wrong skylight company is to compare the top companies in the industry. Today, we’ll be looking at Bristolite Daylighting Systems and our range of daylighting solutions, while comparing them to the wide range of commercial and residential skylights offered by Wasco Skylights.

Before we look at the skylights and energy-efficient lighting solutions offered by each company, let’s look at where both companies are headquartered. Bristolite operates from Orange County, with its offices located in Santa Ana. Wasco, on the other hand, is proudly based in New England, primarily in Wells, Maine.

Both companies work with a large network of sales representatives throughout the country, making them easy to contact no matter where you’re located.

Bristolite vs. Wasco Skylights: Office Daylighting and Illumination

Businesses are quickly recognizing the value of natural light. From reducing office power bills to increasing quality of life, having an energy-efficient skylight gives any office a pleasant, enjoyable environment.

Bristolite offers a huge range of skylights for modern office complexes, some of which boast unique technology that’s ideal for workplace settings. Coollite, a light blocking glazing system that eliminates 85 percent of infrared and 99.9 percent of UV light, is the ideal choice for businesses seeking heat-free office illumination.

Wasco Skylights also offers energy-efficient skylights for offices. Several of the company’s skylights make use of Lumira aerogel – a highly efficient insulation material that blocks heat transfer while maximizing natural light transmission.

Bristolite vs. Wasco Skylights: Commercial Energy Efficiency and Illumination

From warehouse installations to retail lighting plans, Bristolite offers a wide variety of solutions for businesses in need of energy-efficient natural lighting. Using natural lighting solutions from Bristolite, businesses can earn from 14 to 25 LEED points, meet the National Energy Code, and benefit from a 75 percent reduction in energy consumption.

They’re benefits that are hard to ignore, both from a commercial perspective and an environmental standpoint. Wasco also offers skylights for builders and commercial projects, including energy-efficient skylights that use Lumira aerogel technology.

Bristolite vs. Wasco Skylights: Customer Service and Guarantees

While energy-efficient daylighting can drastically reduce your energy spending, a poor quality installation can often cost more than it saves. Thankfully, both Wasco and Bristolite offer fantastic post-installation customer support and warranties.

Bristolite and Wasco Skylights guarantee their skylights against leaks for a period of five to ten years. Bristolite also offers a ten-year anti-yellowing warranty and a one-year workmanship guarantee to assure its customers of quality. Bristolite’s skylights are stress tested by a trusted third party to withstand any impact or situation.

Choosing The Right Company For Your Home or Workplace:

To help customers find out which type of daylighting system is ideal for their building, Bristolite offers a free, no-obligation energy analysis and daylighting strategy.

Click here to find a Bristolite sales representative in your area and learn more about the numerous ways that Bristolite can help you reduce your energy expenses, enjoy enhanced quality of life and workplace productivity, and benefit from the peace and tranquility of an environment lit using natural lighting.

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