Can Large Industrial Buildings Benefit From Daylighting?

From manufacturers to fulfillment centers, industrial buildings of all varieties can benefit hugely from daylighting. Switching from an artificial lighting system to one that combines artificial light and natural daylight allows large industrial buildings to reduce their expenditure, improve energy efficiency, and boost productivity.

These benefits may seem difficult to believe, but they’re all possible by using natural light in your industrial building. Better yet, many daylighting systems are designed for easy installation in large industrial buildings, even buildings that were originally designed to heavily depend on artificial light.

Read on to learn more about the four core benefits of daylighting for large industrial buildings such as manufacturing plants, fulfillment centers, and storage buildings.

Cost Savings: Low Energy Consumption in Large Buildings

Arguably the biggest benefit of daylighting is its ability to significant reduce the cost of operating your building. Artificial lighting is far from inexpensive, and lighting an entire building throughout the workday can cost thousands of dollars – even tens of thousands of dollars – on a monthly basis.

Daylighting systems are not free – in fact, in some cases, they can cost a reasonable amount to design and install. However, over the long term, a daylighting system can produce significant savings for manufacturing plants, fulfillment centers, and other industrial buildings through a large reduction in energy consumption.

By reducing your dependence on artificial light, your building’s energy usage will also decrease. Even if you still use an artificial lighting system to complement your daylighting installation, the reduction in energy consumption will still result in a significant reduction in energy costs over the long term.

Energy Efficiency: An Environmentally-Sensitive Option

Reducing your building’s energy consumption goes a long way towards downsizing your carbon footprint. Since daylighting systems are highly efficient, they’re one of the best ways to transition from an energy-dependent work environment into one that’s far more environmentally sensitive.

Can Large Industrial Buildings Benefit From DaylightingLarge buildings, such as fulfillment centers and manufacturing plants, can actually benefit the most from daylighting systems. This is because they have relatively few interior obstacles that can block light, which are often a concern in residential and office developments. By installing a daylighting system, your industrial building can immediately become significantly more environmentally friendly.

Real Productivity: A More Motivated, Productive Workforce

You may not believe it, but natural light can have a huge positive effect on the work output of your employees. Natural light has been proven to increase concentration and awareness in a variety of scientific studies, including those performed by Swiss researcher Mirjam Münch.

Workplaces lit artificially tend to be less productive than those lit using a source of natural light. People tend to tire earlier and be less aware during the day, resulting in a greater amount of errors and a lower work output. Quality control can also be negatively affected due to reduced awareness and poor workplace visibility.

As well as reducing costs associated with electricity, switching to natural light is an excellent way to improve your building’s output. Productivity is a huge part of your business’s bottom line, and creating a more productive work environment through the use of daylighting is a great way to improve workplace performance.

Total Compliance: Full Compliance With Building Codes

A large number of regulatory bodies have already started applying strict standards on energy efficiency and daylighting for commercial and industrial buildings. These regulations may not apply in all states and countries today, but trends indicate that energy efficiency guidelines are becoming more stringent around the world.

Making your building more energy efficient now ensures that you comply with any and all future energy efficiency guidelines, and avoids having to carry out a costly retrofit further down the line. From LEED to net-zero-energy objectives, switching to natural light makes it far easier for your business to comply the requirements of local governments and other regulatory bodies.

Additionally, being energy efficient and environmentally friendly is a point of pride for your business. Don’t just upgrade to be ahead of any regulations, but to improve your workplace, increase your productivity, and be a more environmentally-friendly part of the business community.

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