Choosing a Daylighting Contractor: 5 Things to Look Out For

Reliable Daylighting ContractorAre you thinking about installing a daylighting system in your building? From lower bills to increased employee productivity, the benefits of daylighting for businesses are very difficult to ignore.

While daylighting systems are far from expensive – particularly in the long term – it can cost a reasonable amount to install the skylights and other equipment required for a daylighting system to be a success. These costs can increase substantially if you are interested in a daylighting system that’s customized to meet your needs.

Because of this, it’s important to choose a daylighting contractor that’s experienced and reliable, with the skills and ability to meet your needs. These five characteristics are things that you should watch out for in a potential daylighting contractor – very serious ‘red flags’ that should influence your decision to find a new contractor.

A lack of experience 

Daylighting systems can be quite complicated and difficult to install, making it vital that any contractor you work with has the experience and skills required to ensure that your system is a success.

If your preferred contractor is unable to provide examples of their previous work, or has no previous work at all, it’s normal to feel somewhat apprehensive about asking them to design and install your new daylighting system.

Most of the time, you’ll want to choose a contractor that has several years – or better yet, several decades – of experience in designing and installing daylighting systems for residential developments or commercial buildings.

‘Pushy’ sales tactics 

There are bad apples in every industry, and daylighting is no exception. If you find a daylighting contractor that seems skilled, experienced, and ready to install the ideal system for your business, assess their sales tactics to learn more about them.

Some businesses specialize in using pushy, overly aggressive sales tactics to compel new customers to work with them. If you feel uncomfortable about doing business with a certain company because of their sales techniques, don’t be afraid to find an alternative contractor that can offer better service and a fairer deal.

Overly expensive pricing 

Daylighting is a large industry, and there are many providers out there offering their own installation services. Although the price for components and equipment varies from one company to another, most prices are reasonably similar to one another.

If you’ve received quotes from several daylighting contractors but just one seems to be overly expensive, ask yourself ‘why’ it could cost so much. Is the contractor very experienced and acclaimed, or are they trying to overcharge you for their work?

Some daylighting contractors are highly experienced, with special skills that others in their industry may not be able to provide. However, if a price seems too high to be legitimate, be prepared to negotiate or find a different daylighting contractor.

Minimal product choice 

When you deal with a daylighting contractor, you’ll find that they will typically fall into one of two categories: an installation contractor that sources products from an external company, or a manufacturer that also offers installation services.

If you’re working with the latter, you’ll have an incredible amount of choice when it comes to skylights and other daylighting equipment. If the former, you may have to ‘make do’ with a less extensive inventory of products.

If your daylighting contractor’s product selection seems too limited, or they aren’t able to offer a custom solution that’s to your liking, consider working with another contractor that can better meet your needs.

Negative reviews from customers 

Some contractors are difficult to deal with, overly expensive, or simply not skilled enough to develop what you need. If you’ve heard bad news about a certain local company – whether it’s online or through the grapevine – think carefully before committing to working with them.

Instead, seek out companies with positive customer feedback and excellent local reviews. Contractors that truly excel at what they do are rarely ignored – if your contractor has positive, enthusiastic reviews from past customers, they’re likely a good choice for your daylighting needs.

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