Choosing a Skylight For Your Building: Buy Pre-Built or Custom Made?

Pre-Built and Custom Made Skylight InstallationsAre you thinking about making your building more energy efficient using skylights and other daylighting systems? For many businesses, the biggest energy efficiency choice they’ll make is between prefabricated skylights and a custom-built system.

Both pre-built skylights and custom made solutions offer numerous key benefits for businesses interested in improving their energy efficiency. If you’re not sure about which type of daylighting is ideal for your business, read on to learn more about the biggest advantages and disadvantages of prefabricated and custom made skylights.

Pre-built skylights are ideal for a quick, inexpensive installation

Prefabricated skylights are available in a wide variety of dimensions, making them a great choice for everything from small retail shops to large factories. Each Bristolite skylight is designed to a range of inside curb dimensions for maximum versatility.

Since pre-built skylights are able to be produced en masse, they are significantly less expensive than a custom daylighting solution. They’re also far faster to install, with a prefabricated skylight installed and ready to use in just a few quick hours.

If your business has a limited budget for daylighting but wants to achieve maximum energy efficiency within its budget, a pre-built skylight is the ideal choice. Stylish yet inexpensive, a pre-built skylight is the ideal low-cost daylighting option.

Custom made skylights are perfect for making an impression

While pre-built skylights are undeniably great looking, there’s nothing quite like a custom skylight for making an impression with the public. From barrel vaults to polydomes, custom skylights can add a unique sense of style to any building.

Despite having a reputation as being expensive, custom skylights can be surprisingly affordable. Thanks to their incredible lighting benefits, they’re also a long-term cost-cutter for businesses that normally depend on artificial interior lighting.

Pre-built skylights allow you to enjoy reduced energy bills

Unlike many environmental requirements, which are costly processes for private businesses, energy efficiency is mutually beneficial. Adding pre-built skylights to your office, factory, or storage center is ideal for reducing your energy expenses.

If your business operates during standard office hours, using pre-built skylights is a great way to reduce your energy bill. If it operates during the evening, adding a pre-built skylight is still a great way to complement your sources of artificial light.

On a purely financial basis, pre-built skylights are one of the smartest investments you could make. Enjoy a major reduction in energy spending as your building uses natural light as an alternative to stress-inducing, expensive artificial lighting.

Custom made skylights suit unique and creative buildings

Just like fantastic interior design is spoiled by cheap, generic furniture, a unique and creative building can be spoiled by generic, pre-built skylights. If your building has a design that’s unique and different, it deserves a daylighting solution that’s suitable.

Custom skylights are ideal for improving your building’s energy efficiency without making major changes to its design. Skylights can easily be added to a building with few major modifications, making them the ideal stylish energy efficiency choice.

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