Points To Ponder When Considering Passive Daylighting Systems


Recall that passive solar heating refers to the use of the sun’s energy to heat something directly; no outside energy source is required. It is the job of the architect and site planners to consider the deliberate placement of homes, offices, and other structures so that the sun’s thermal energy & light can be best utilized. To that end, window placement on the structure is a crucial step in ensuring a high efficiency daylight harvesting system can be its most effective.

Most people realize that the physical size of the skylight impacts the illumination level and temperature of the space. However, they may not know that sizing a skylight is determined by floor area, amounting to less than 5% in a room with many windows and less than 15% of the floor area in a room with few windows. Naturally, the placement of skylights on the roof affects heat gain. Skylights that face east maximize solar heat gain in the morning whereas skylights that face west maximize solar heat gain in the afternoon. Trumping both, skylights facing the south have the greatest potential for solar heat gain as the Sun travels across the southern sky. Additionally, energy efficient skylight windows become more advanced as new glazing technologies are introduced, such as our amazing Nano Insulgel II/Polgel Skylight Series.

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