Creating a Productive Manufacturing Environment Using Natural Light

Manufacturing Using Natural LightOver the last two decades, a large number of offices have invested heavily in energy-efficient daylighting systems not just to lower their bills and reduce their impact on the environment, but to increase their productivity and workplace efficiency.

Retailers, too, have benefited from natural light. From boosting sales to increasing workplace morale, natural light has immense benefits for salespeople and staff in a wide variety of retail, office, and service settings.

Luckily, the benefits of natural light don’t begin and end in the world of office work and retail. Manufacturers can also benefit hugely from daylighting systems and the advantages of natural light, often to an even greater degree than other businesses.

The four tips in this article will help you create a productive, effective, and energy-efficient manufacturing environment. Whether you run a small factory or a large production plant, try using one – or all – of them to improve your business.

1. Use natural light to increase employee energy and mood
Did you know that prolonged exposure to artificial light, particularly during the late night and evening, can lower your mood and lead to depression? Workers in offices, retail stores, and factories that depend solely on artificial lighting report far lower levels of workplace happiness and career satisfaction.

Since morale is a vital part of running an efficient, productive business, it’s a smart idea to use natural light in order to keep your employees happy and focused. Light from skylights, large windows, and other daylighting systems can enhance moods and make your employees more focused and energetic than normal.

2. Reduce your energy bills using natural daylighting
If your business operates on slim margins, any reduction of expenses is a very good thing. Since electricity is such a big expense for manufacturers, cutting your energy usage is an excellent way to reduce spending and increase your profit margin.

Skylights, windows, and other sources of natural light can be used to fill your factory with healthy, productive, natural light. The more artificial light you can replace with its natural counterpart, the less you’ll need to depend on costly artificial lighting.

In order to achieve an optimum level of light throughout the day, many factories are now using both artificial and natural light – often dimmed interior lighting alongside large skylights – to keep their factories lit throughout the day.

3. Eliminate lost productivity using natural light
As well as compromising employees’ moods, artificial light can have a negative effect on workplace productivity. Workers in environments lit using artificial light tend to be less productive and efficient than their counterparts in environments that rely on natural sunlight.

This effect appears to be universal, affecting workers in modern offices, retail stores, and even large factories and fulfillment centers. The cost of outfitting your building with skylights is often negligible compared to the massive increase in productivity that it makes possible.

4. Create a long-term energy asset using daylighting
In the short term, daylighting can seem like an expensive luxury that no factory is really in need of. In the long term, however, it’s an incredible cost-efficient way to keep your factory, fulfillment center, or manufacturing plant operating at its peak productivity.

If you run a business that’s focused on the long term – progress that might take a few years to realize – you can’t afford to ignore daylighting. Plan for next year as early as possible and you’ll enjoy massive savings on energy, massive benefits in work output, and an excellent workplace environmental record.

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