Custom Skylights: Why Stunning Daylighting is More Affordable Than You Think

Custom Skylights: Why Stunning Daylighting is More Affordable Than You Think
One of the most frequent objections to custom daylighting is that it’s ‘too expensive’ to be practical. It’s an understandable concern. With accounts to manage and staff to pay, it’s easy to see why many businesses are hesitant to invest in daylighting.

When you dig a little deeper into the objection, however, it starts to fall apart. From the savings made possible by a daylighting system to the aesthetic advantages it can offer, the benefits of a custom daylighting system hugely outweigh the costs.

If you’re interested in learning more about how a custom daylighting system could benefit your office, retail business, or manufacturing center but still be within your financial reach, take note of the four key advantages listed below.

A stunning architectural focus point for your building

Lots of business owners object to the cost of daylighting based on the sole cost of the system. They think of it as a once-off purchase that they don’t need to make, without realizing that daylighting is an alternative to other, less efficient forms of lighting.

When you compare daylighting with the alternative – a building that uses artificial lighting exclusively – the initial costs aren’t so great. This is particularly true if you’re building an office or retail outlet from scratch, instead of retrofitting an existing one.

Daylighting can turn an ordinary building into an incredible piece of architectural design – one that’s a pleasure to work in. Compare the cost of a daylighting system to the alternatives and what was once expensive becomes highly affordable.

A 35 to 65 percent reduction in electric lighting costs

Here’s where daylighting starts to become an even better deal. Buildings that are lit using artificial systems are generally less expensive in the beginning, but the costs of operating them quickly change the equation.

An efficient custom daylighting system provides a 65 percent reduction in electric lighting costs. For small-to-medium sized businesses, that’s a number that’s worth thinking very carefully about.

One of the worst mistakes an investor can make is only ever considering the initial costs of something. With artificial lighting, you invest in a lifetime of costly repairs and servicing. With daylighting, you invest in the universe’s most reliable energy source: Mother Nature.

A functional, aesthetically pleasing lighting option

When it comes to photography, natural light is number one. Give your office or retail store an environment that feels warm, lush, and natural using a customized skylight or complete daylighting system.

As well as looking great, modern daylighting systems are highly functional. Using an extensive range of advanced technologies like Coollite and Nano Insulgel, a modern daylighting system can reduce heat transfer and block harmful UV and infrared rays.

The end result is an indoor environment that’s well lit but not overly bright, warm but not uncomfortably hot, and ideal for your business. Impress yourself and your customers with an aesthetically pleasing lighting system that offers great value.

An improvement in quality of life and quality of work

Studies show that natural light improves quality of life, increases work productivity, and stimulates the production of mood-enhancing hormones. If your workplace needs a productivity boost, provide it the natural way with a daylighting system.

Boasting a combination of energy efficiency and quality of life that’s unmatched by any other lighting option, making the decision to invest in custom daylighting is an easy choice to make.

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