Daylight and Decorating: 5 Colors That Perfectly Match Natural Light

Daylight and Decorating

Are you redecorating your home? One part of redecorating that many people have trouble with is deciding on color. From bedrooms to living rooms, picking the right colors for your home’s style, furniture and decor can be something of a challenge.

When it comes to choosing color, most people base their decisions on their home’s flooring and furniture. An oft ignored aspect of color selection is light. Rooms with ample natural light require a very different color scheme from dark, low-light ones.

In this blog post, we’ll examine five colors that are ideal for decorating naturally lit rooms, whether they’re part of your home, your retail store or office. Ready to start painting? Pick your favorite color and let’s begin.


Yellow is the color of energy and optimism; a bright, powerful color that’s popular for kitchens and bathrooms. Because it’s one of the lighter colors, it suits naturally lit environments with large amounts of contrast.

One of the biggest advantages of using yellow in naturally lit spaces is that it blends in well with the intensity of sunlight. In fact, yellow looks even better under strong sunlight than it does when lit artificially.


Cream is a light, simple color that’s widely used in homes and offices because of its neutral profile. It looks good under artificial light and even better under the strong light of the sun.

One of the biggest advantages of cream is that it matches almost any color profile without clashing in any way. From dark flooring to light furniture, any décor is an excellent match for cream paint.


Green is often avoided in homes and offices because it’s an intense, powerful type of color. Despite this, it’s actually one of the best choices for creative environments and homes because of its intensity and color characteristics.

Due to its intensity, green looks good even under direct sunlight. In fact, its one of the best colors for large rooms. When exposed to sunlight, green can increase the perceived size of a room and make it feel more spacious and accommodating.

Light Blue

Like yellow, light blue is a color that works wonderfully in heavily lit rooms. Since it is lighter and more relaxing than yellow, it offers the same optimistic feel without a feeling of intensity or action.

More suitable for homes than businesses, light blue has a calming effect that could make it a poor choice for retail. For home offices and living spaces, however, it’s an excellent choice, especially if the environment is subject to afternoon sunlight.


Have you ever seen a light wooden floor in direct sunlight? Brown blends in nicely with direct sunlight, providing a beautiful feel that’s suitable for both classic homes and modern offices.

Although it’s more frequently used as an accent than as a main decorating color, the power of brown is undeniable. Best used in modern buildings with wooden flooring, classic homes and relaxing living spaces lit using natural light.

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