Daylighting and Design: How Skylights Can Enhance Your Interior Design

How Skylights Can Enhance Your Interior Design
Ignored by architects and interior designers throughout the mid to late 20th century, natural light is once again starting to play an important role in interior design. From ‘expanding’ small spaces to complementing wooden flooring, natural light has many advantages for interior designers interested in creating beautiful spaces.

In this blog post, we’ll cover three of the biggest benefits of skylights and daylighting for architects and interior designers. Read on to learn how to make your home color scheme ‘pop’ and shine, expand otherwise cozy rooms and enhance the look of your natural wooden or tiled flooring using natural light.

Natural light complements light, simple color schemes

Have you ever noticed how rooms with light color schemes look significantly more comfortable and warm when exposed to natural light? This isn’t coincidence – light from the sun matches the color schemes used in modern homes and office buildings to a far greater degree than fluorescent lighting.

This makes spaces colored in white, cream, light yellow and blue and other ‘warm’ and light colors feel more welcoming and comfortable. It also emphasizes contrast in interior design and makes the difference between materials used in ceilings and walls and those used in flooring and features more noticeable.

For architects and interior designers, the benefits of this ‘warmness’ of natural light are numerous. From making kitchens, living rooms and other home spaces feel more comfortable to reducing eye strain in offices and workplaces, matching a light color scheme to natural light makes any interior space easier to spend time in.

Natural light ‘expands’ small and cozy environments

Nothing looks and feels smaller than a room lit entirely using artificial light? As well as creating a warm and welcoming look in lightly decorated rooms, natural light can ‘expand’ otherwise cramped and cozy interior environments by making them seem bigger than they really are.

This artificial upsizing occurs for several reasons. First, the visual warmth of natural light increases the contrast between flooring and walls, making the perceived size of a room larger. Secondly, being able to see outside gives an otherwise small room the scale and openness it needs to feel more expansive.

Even a small, subtle skylight or window can have a significant positive effect on the perceived size of a room. From your living room to the office, consider installing a skylight or expanding your exterior windows to add more ‘space’ to your interior environment before making any other physical changes.

Natural light enhances other natural materials

Beyond complementing light color schemes and visually expanding small spaces, a large amount of natural light also enhances the look of other natural materials used in construction and interior design. From wooden flooring to ceramic tiling, natural light gives anything natural a warmer, more pleasant look and feel.

This is one of the biggest reasons so many homeowners rush to install new flooring after enhancing their home with natural daylighting. From oak to hickory, any type of wooden flooring looks more comfortable, more welcoming and significantly more impressive when lit by natural daylight than it does under artificial lighting.

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