Daylighting Basics for Businesses

Daylighting Basics for OfficesFrom small, family-owned retailers to large corporations, businesses or all sizes can benefit from the savings in expenditure and increases in productivity made possible by daylighting.

With a wide variety of skylights and other daylighting systems available, sometimes it can be difficult just to work out where to begin. Which daylighting system is ideal for your business, and why is it the best choice of all the options available?

This short mini-guide will help your business, whether it’s a small operation or a big company with thousands of employees, learn about the advantages offered by using natural light to illuminate your offices, retail stores, and production facilities.

The Cost-Cutting Benefits of Daylighting:

Daylighting is often marketed as a ‘green’ solution to artificial lighting – one of many major benefits. As well as being better for the environment than artificial lighting, a daylighting system can often be a better choice for your business’s balance sheets.

Natural light is absolutely free, making it by far the most cost-effective choice for an office complex, retail store, or production center. As well as costing nothing to gain, it’s also completely free of common maintenance expenses that can occur when you depend on an artificial lighting system.

The Productivity Benefits of Daylighting:

Daylighting is more than just a clean, green cost-cutter for businesses. Natural light has been scientifically proven to increase a number of positive health measures in employees and homeowners that light their living environments using the sun.

If your business depends on productive output – whether it’s products built or office work – it’s important to maximize it using any means possible. Daylighting provides employees with a greater amount of energy, a more optimistic mood, and the ability to get far more work done within the typical office schedule.

Business is all about results, and natural light is a useful tool for maximizing the type of results that your business can generate. Because of this, both tiny companies and large operations can benefit hugely from daylighting.

The Resale Benefits of Daylighting:

Over the last decade, there has been a major push for building owners to upgrade to energy-efficient, green lighting systems. In some states, particularly California, using natural light to illuminate your building has the potential to vastly increase its resale value to many customers.

Even if your business plans to one day relocate to new premises, having a natural lighting system installed in your current office, retail store, or production facility is an incredibly helpful asset that increases your building’s value to new buyers.

The Ease of Upgrading to Daylighting:

Modifying your building and adjusting your company’s lighting habits may seem like a difficult task, but it can actually be surprisingly easy. Daylighting equipment can be installed in a surprisingly small amount of time, and habits can quickly be changed as the positive effects of daylighting become apparent.

From the long-term savings to the immense improvements in productivity, the core benefits of daylighting are hard to ignore. Whether you’re a small business owner or a leading executive at a large firm, consider the benefits of using daylighting to keep your building running efficiently and make the right decision for your business.

Image courtesy of Sura Nualpradid

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