Daylighting Your Facility Can Save Your Business Money

Two questions commonly posed to our energy experts here at Bristolite Daylighting Systems when clients are planning to implement a natural daylighting system are:

– How energy efficient are skylights?

– How much can we realistically expect to save in energy costs?

The honest answer is that it varies because there are a numbers of factors ultimately determining the overall energy savings that could be achieved. One factor involves the physical dimensions and use of your building; typically, more open volume with high ceilings and an abundance of hard surfaces (i.e. warehouses) equates to greater energy consumption. Climate is also an important factor, particularly if your facility is located in a sunbelt state (emphasis on cooling) or a snowbelt state (emphasis on heating). Your local energy rate (cents per kW/hr) should be considered as well because many providers offer lower rates after typical business hours (known as “time of use”) which can benefit business owners who run multiple shifts.

Daylighting Your Facility Can Save Your Business Money

Don’t become discouraged, however, because our skylight solutions are designed, engineered, and constructed in accordance with strict standards and tolerances, ensuring high efficiency as a result. Additionally, numerous studies have shown that daylighting a building offers a 35% to 65% electric lighting savings over artificially lit facilities. When both are coupled with a comprehensive energy management system, the savings could be even greater! Ultimately, consulting a Bristolite Daylighting expert for a FREE Energy Analysis & Daylighting Plan will provide the most accurate answer for the above questions. This will allow you to receive an accurate estimate of what your potential annual energy savings will be.

Our mission at Bristolite is to provide the highest quality products and offer superior service for residential, commercial, and industrial customers alike, all the while remaining an exceptional value. We aim to provide the building industry with an abundance of accurate, current, and relevant information relative to daylighting and energy conservation. We take our corporate responsibilities very seriously because we consider ourselves innovators and stewards in the efficient use of sustainable carbon-free energy.

To learn more about how Bristolite offers the best energy efficient skylights in the business, contact us at, or by calling our toll-free number at (800) 854-8618 today!



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