Daylighting the Right Way

The incorporation of natural light into modern green building energy design, commonly known as daylighting, has become an increasingly popular construction technique that can improve energy performance in any building while simultaneously improving the comfort and productivity of building occupants. Natural daylighting systems have even been proven to increase retail sales when compared to retail spaces that rely exclusively on artificial lighting.

The benefits of daylight harvesting lighting systems are so significant that some buildings are now required to have at least 25% of the occupied floor space located in a daylighting zone equipped with automatic controls per the International Green Construction Code.

skylight1 in roof

Despite all of the benefits presented by a properly configured daylight harvesting system, it’s important to realize that daylighting is only effective when done the right way. For example, glazing is an important part of any core daylight harvesting system…assuming that it isn’t overdone. We offer an assortment of glazing products that can be applied to any of our daylighting products including Quasar Low-E and Quasar Prismatic skylights, but excessive glazing can result in glare that could result in visual discomfort for building occupants. Glazing helps to block solar heat gain while properly diffusing light, but too much glaze isn’t a good thing.

The control system for an installed daylight harvesting system is another consideration when properly planning a daylighting system. It’s important to take the time to select the proper control system for your application and clearly define the various lighting zones within the building to ensure that an adequate control system is installed to compliment the industrial skylights used in the core daylighting system.

Finally, realize that daylighting isn’t only for massive building projects. Any building can benefit from a properly configured daylighting system. Often, design and construction professionals leave daylighting for small building projects off the table because these individuals are under the assumption that daylighting is too expensive for small projects. The reality is that daylighting systems are 100% scalable and the costs of implementing daylighting on a small scale are very competitive with other lighting solutions.

Whether you operate a single office building or are designing a massive skyscraper, the benefits of daylighting remain the same. If you want to learn more about adding a daylighting system to your existing structure or a future construction project, give us a call today at 800-854-8618 or Contact Us for more information about our daylighting systems and specialized skylight products – perfect for buildings of any size, shape, and business type.

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