Do Daylighting Systems Make Your Office Warmer During Summer?

Daylighting Systems During Summer
Even at the peak of summer, modern daylighting won’t make your workplace uncomfortably hot.
One of the most common myths about daylighting is that it makes your workplace hot, stuffy and uncomfortable during summer. This myth is so prevalent that we’ve busted it before.

While the skylights of previous decades occasionally did increase the temperature of a room when the weather was warm and sunny, today’s skylights are treated to stop heat from getting into your home.

This is due to a number of treatments. One, our Coollite technology, blocks UV light – the type of light that can lead to heat transfer – and prevents your room from being unnaturally warm or stuffy, even at the peak of summer.

Are you concerned about heat transfer from skylights? Read on to learn more about how modern skylights and daylighting systems prevent your workplace from being uncomfortable hot and stuffy during the summer.

Light and sunny doesn’t necessarily mean hot and uncomfortable

One of the most common reasons many building owners avoid daylighting is a fear of heat transfer. It’s a somewhat understandable reason – no one in a hot city wants their building to become warmer during summer without any way to stop it.

The reality is that daylighting doesn’t actually lead to heat transfer. While a standard glass window can lead to an increase in your office’s interior temperature from heat transfer, skylights won’t.

This is because modern skylights are treated to prevent heat from travelling into the interior of your building. Older skylights, which used standard, untreated glass, may produce heat transfer. Today’s skylights won’t.

Our Coollite technology, which is perfect for buildings in warm and sunny areas, is designed to block 85% of infrared light and 99% of ultraviolet light from entering into your building and affecting its interior temperature.

Coollite blocks heat and unwanted forms of light from entering your building with no negative effect on ambient light. Your office gets all of the natural light without any of the heat that can make daylight uncomfortable during the summer.

The right skylights can make your office far more comfortable in summer

The common belief that daylighting increases your office’s temperature in summer isn’t just incorrect – in many ways, it’s the opposite of the truth. Certain skylights can actually give you more comfort in summer than standard artificial lighting.

This is because some skylights allow you to control the temperature inside your workplace by providing an additional form of ventilation. Many skylights can be opened and used as air vents to bring cool air into your office.

Since skylights are so far above you, they can provide cool air without any of the wind that makes office windows unsuitable for use in summer. You get the great comfort of a cool breeze without the breeze itself.

Could your office benefit from natural daylighting?

Far from affecting your office’s temperature, daylighting provides useful, productive natural light without any unwanted heat. From lower energy bills to significantly better workplace productivity, how could your office benefit from daylighting?

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