Five Reasons Why You Should Consider Daylighting

Electric light is fine for many work environments but it isn’t the only option and as technology continues to improve, natural daylighting systems are becoming a more realistic option for homes and businesses around the world. Consider the following five reasons why you should convert your current lighting system to a core daylighting system from Bristolite Daylighting Systems.

1. Daylighting Saves Money. Electric lights consume electricity so the more you use the lights in your facility, the higher your utility bills are every month. The use of a sunshine daylighting system doesn’t require electricity during the day and the addition of LED lighting systems can provide plenty of light at night with costs that are significantly lower than that of standard incandescent lighting systems.

2. Daylight Renders Colors More Accurately. Natural light provides the truest color rendition of all light sources. This means less eye strain for your employees during the work day while supporting the natural circadian rhythms of the human body to boost productivity and creativity.

3. Reduced Maintenance Costs. It’s a fact…light bulbs burn out and need to be replaced. This requires purchasing replacement bulbs and paying an employee to replace a bulb every time it fails. Our Prismatic Daylighting Solutions do not use light bulbs and even when integrated into an LED lighting system, a high efficiency daylight harvesting system is practically maintenance-free because modern LED bulbs can last for as long as 20 years.

4. Convenience. Turning lights on every time you enter a room and perhaps more importantly, remembering to turn those lights off when the room isn’t occupied can be a hassle. Daylighting systems do not require light switches and don’t waste energy even when the room isn’t being used.

5. Daylighting Improves Mood. Daylighting has been proven to improve mood, increase productivity, reduce eye strain, boost concentration, and help to improve sleep at night. Rooms using only artificial light can create symptoms of sensory deprivation including depression, reduced concentration, fatigue, and decreased mental capacity. In many ways, the lowered productivity associated with artificial light can make the cost of doing business much higher.

passive daylighting system

These are just a few of the benefits associated with the implementation of a passive daylighting system in your home or office. If you would like to learn more about how daylighting can improve your facility while significantly reducing utility costs, give one of our sales representatives a call today at 800-854-8618. You’ll be surprised by just how affordable a core daylighting system actually is and our experienced consultants can make product recommendations that are perfect for your facility and your budget.

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