Furniture and Daylight: 4 Interior Design Materials That Suit Natural Light Perfectly

4 Interior Design Materials That Suit Natural Light Perfectly
Wooden flooring is a wonderful visual partner for natural light.

Decorating your workplace? From corporate offices to retail stores, the way your workplace looks can have a huge impact on your focus, productivity and a massive range of other factors.

Designing and decorating an environment that depends on natural light can seem like a challenge – after all, glare could potentially be a concern – but it’s actually a straightforward and simple task with the right materials.

Just like plants and other natural items perfectly complement natural light, natural materials like wooden flooring, slate and natural stone tiles and others match light very well.

In this guide, we’ll share four interior design materials that you can use to decorate your office that perfectly match natural light. From wood flooring to brushed metal, read on to discover four ideal materials for decorating your naturally lit office.

Wooden flooring

Resist the temptation to use light tiled flooring in your naturally lit office. Natural wooden absorbs and diffuses light, eliminating the annoying, focus-killing glare of sunlight that can come with light tiled flooring.

If your office receives a lot of light, stick with a mid-toned wood. Excessively dark floors can often make your office seem lighter than it really is, which can lead to a decrease in visibility if your office receives a lot of sunlight.

Mid-toned or light wooden flooring, on the other hand, looks fantastic in light and airy offices. Choose a tone that matches your walls and furniture for a relaxing yet modern look that’s impossible not to like.

Brushed metal

While chrome and other shiny metal can lead to glare, brushed metal – the gray-black material commonly used in industrial construction – can look fantastic in a naturally lit work environment.

Whether for desks and tables or simply as an accent, brushed metal is a wonderful complement to natural light. It also complements natural wooden flooring, giving your office a look that’s equal parts modern and classic.

Like wooden flooring, it’s also easy to pair with office plants and natural light to give your office a relaxing feel and look. It rarely attracts dust and it’s easy to clean – one of the best choices for creating a relaxed, clean and productive office.

Stone tiling

Whether on the floor or on the walls, natural stone tiling is an excellent complement for naturally lit offices. Dark, powerful stone tiling doesn’t reflect light (an issue with porcelain and other tile materials) and is powerful enough to weather foot traffic.

Stone tiling looks particularly good alongside natural wooden furniture, flooring and brushed metal furniture. Tiles, particularly wall tiles, are exceptionally long-lasting and easy to care for.

From quartz and slate to marble, stone tiling is available in a wide range of different materials, all of which suit a different type of workplace. Whether at the office or in a retail store, stone tiling is a fantastic complementary material for natural light.

Ceramic tiling

Another great tiling choice for sunlit offices is ceramic tiling. Ceramic tiles tend to be softly colored and easy on the eye, making them a great visual complement for light, especially the orange-tinged sunlight of the afternoon.

Like stone tiles, ceramic tiles are fairly strong, sturdy and easy to care for. They’re a fantastic choice in retail environments, where their warm character makes them an excellent source of visual relaxation and comfort.

Although ceramic tiles are great in retail environments, they can feel a little warm in offices and other fast-paced work environments. While an excellent choice for home use or the world of retail, ceramic tiles aren’t ideal for ultra-modern environments.

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