Get the Light without the Heat

Coollite is gaining strength

Natural light from the sun is divided into three major types of light. There is the light you can see, visible light, but did you know that ultraviolet light and infrared light (both of which are not visible to the human eye) are also found in natural light?

Both ultraviolet (UV) light and infrared light are what creates heat, similar to how a greenhouse works. So unless you live in a very cold part of the country where the heating properties of invisible light are important to your energy savings plan, you need energy efficient skylight windows that can reflect both UV and infrared light – allowing only visible light to enter the facility.

Introducing Coollite, one of the most energy efficient skylights on the market; exclusively from Bristolite Daylighting Systems.

Coollite’s patented spectrally selective glazing blocks up to 99.9% of UV and 85% of infrared light with almost no adverse effect on the transmission of visible light. If you need to reduce UV light or solar heating at your facility, Coollite glazing is the answer. Coollite can be applied to any glazing configuration, but our standard Coollite energy efficient skylights are constructed using a Coollite acrylic outer dome over a prismatic inner dome. The result is a significant reduction in the transmission of infrared and UV energy while allowing plenty of uniformly diffused visible light into the building. With Coollite, you can enjoy the benefits of daylighting without the excessive heat caused by invisible radiation from the sun.

Speaking of benefits, these are some of the benefits you can expect to enjoy after installing a Coollite green technology skylight system:

• Reduced cooling costs by eliminating excessive heating due to solar energy

• Increased lifespan of cooling equipment

• Reduced greenhouse gas emissions due to lower energy consumption

• Meets all state and local mandates for the installation of energy efficient skylights

• Significant overall energy savings in a comprehensive skylight solution.

If you want to save money, enjoy the benefits of natural daylighting technology, and ensure compliance with local energy efficiency regulations, give us a call at 1-800-854-8618 or Contact Us today to learn how our Coollite line of products can significantly reduce your overhead costs in an environmentally-friendly way.


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