Greening Your Office – How Plants and Sunlight Improve Productivity and Create a Healthier Office

How Plants and Sunlight Improve Productivity and Create a Healthier Office
The closer your workplace is to the natural environment, the more productive it will be.

We’ve studied the relationship between natural light and productivity in detail in the past, looking at how small changes to your office’s natural light level can have significant positive impacts on employee productivity.

As it turns out, it’s not just natural light that’s good for focus and productivity. One of the most important components in creating a productive, efficient office is plant life – green office plants that freshen the air and improve employee focus.

Turning your office into a green, productive paradise isn’t as simple as wheeling in some office plants, but it’s not much difficult either. Adding plants to your office has been linked, in numerous scientific studies, to increased productivity.

It’s also linked to improved air quality, increased employee health and a lower rate of airborne bacteria. In this blog post, we’ll look at four of the ways office plants can improve your office’s productivity and make it a healthier place to work.

Office plants reduce the amount of pollutants in the air

We’ve all heard about the ability of forests to reduce air pollution close to cities and industrial sites. What few people realize is that plants do this, albeit on a far smaller scale, inside the office.

Many offices have air quality issues – by some measures, air quality on the inside of many buildings is lower than air quality outside. Many of these issues can be solved by adding the right green life to your office’s interior environment.

Rubber plants, as an example, are known for their ability to remove air pollutants and clean up your office’s air. Other good choices include peace lily, which grows in low light, and dracaena, which eliminates many common air pollutants.

Office plants improve your working memory performance

Do you ever struggle to remember a name, address or phone number? It’s easy to lose track of small details at work – after all, we keep records and databases for a long list of good reasons.

While it’s impossible to have a perfect memory, adding some new green life to your office can help you have a better one. A 2008 study from the University of Michigan found that spending time near plant life improved memory by 20 percent.

That’s a significant increase – enough to result in a serious improvement in your work performance and ability to retain data. If you find yourself struggle to keep track of facts and figures at work, consider adding a plant or two to your office.

Office plants make you more focused, attentive and productive

Did you know that making your office greener could increase employee output by as much as 15 percent? A new study using data from offices in the Netherlands and the UK shows that people are more focused and productive in green environments.

Adding just one or two plants to each small office, or several large plants to larger, open-plan office areas, is often all it takes to see he increase. As well as improving productivity, plant life in the office has been proven to reduce stress levels.

Instead of implementing rigorous productivity systems to increase output, give the green method a try. It’s inexpensive, easy to implement and – with its proven 15% improvement in productivity – something no business can afford to ignore.

Sunlight and plants have a synergistic effect on productivity

While plant life and natural light both have their own benefits for productivity and focus, using them together can have a synergistic effect. The more your office has in common with the natural environment, the more productive it tends to be.

This is because our bodies naturally look for environments similar to those found in nature. Artificial lighting and beige office environments – free of plants and natural life – are antithetical to the natural environments our bodies thrive in.

Give your workplace the synergistic effect of natural light and green life. Not only does it result in an improvement in productivity – it also improves air quality and strengthens the immune systems of your entire team.

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