Heat And Smoke Vents Can Help Save Lives And Property

Large building fires have killed thousands of people throughout the United States in the last century. Many featured rapid smoke and fire accumulation due to the presence of hazardous working conditions, such as the improper storage of flammable materials. Yet, in many of those catastrophes, the most lives were lost once the smoke got too thick to see through and any available exits could not be found as a result.

Therefore, new requirements were placed on individuals who design and engineer larger buildings to incorporate a variety of safety systems meant to save human lives. One solution has been to install smoke vents in warehouse, retail, and factory settings. These openable rooftop units serve multifaceted roles, although they are primarily used as a means of removing excess smoke, heat, and gases from burning buildings.

Smoke vents in buildings are typically designed with fusible metal links that are designed to melt at a certain temperature, usually 165°F. Once this occurs, the doors automatically open via a tension springs or shock absorbers to help ventilate the building and have proven themselves to be incredibly effective at minimizing fire damage. They are available on many skylights offered by Bristolite Daylighting Systems, including our Bristol, Metal Lid, Energy Star, Natural Series, Quasar, Trituff, and Tufflite Series. For added reassurance, all of our smoke vents are UL-793 Listed and Certified.

Our mission at Bristolite is to provide the highest quality products and offer superior service for residential, commercial, and industrial customers alike, all the while remaining an exceptional value. We aim to provide the building industry with an abundance of accurate, current, and relevant information relative to daylighting and energy conservation. We take our corporate responsibilities very seriously because we consider ourselves innovators and stewards in the efficient use of sustainable carbon-free energy.

To learn more about how Bristolite offers the best smoke exhaust ventilation units in the business, contact us at info@bristolite.com, or by calling our toll-free number at (800) 854-8618 today!

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