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Bask In The Summer Sun; Don’t Hide From It

It’s 90 degrees in the shade, so why, you’re asking, would I want to consider installing a giant window aimed directly at the sun? Because there’s much more to that skylight than meets the eye.

Coollite’s spectrally selective glazing blocks up to 85 percent of infrared light and 99.5 percent of ultraviolet light with minimal effect on how much visible light shines through, making it one of the most energy-efficient skylight windows you can buy. All of that beautiful sunlight comes shining through, filling your home with natural light without turning it into an oven.

That’s great, but how, exactly, is that going to help with my electric bill? With the central air running nonstop, our bill’s through the roof. (No pun intended.)

More natural light—lots more natural light, actually—means less of a need for artificial lighting. (A formal comparison found that our skylights provided twice the volume of light as overhead fluorescent lighting.) With the shades pulled to keep the sunlight out, you’re using lamps and overhead lighting more than you probably realize. Heat-blocking skylight systems will also likely do a better job of keeping the heat out and the cool air in than your defenseless roof.

Coollite’s spectrally selective glazing can be applied to any glazing configuration, but our standard Coollite skylights, which come in a wide range of sizes, are comprised of acrylic outer domes over white, prismatic inner domes, which provide a uniform, highly diffused light.

The Quasar LowE line goes one step further, employing the Coollite spectrally selective acrylic glazing in two distinct collections, one with a super insulator polygel and another with a super insulator silica aerogel, both of which provide six times the insulation of a traditional skylight. Our standard Quasar LowE is comprised of a Coollite-glazed outer dome that fits over a Nano Insulgel-Lumira silica aerogel-filled multiwall, polycarbonate panel. It’s the most energy-efficient plastic unit skylight you’ll find.

Summer should be a time for basking in the sun, not hiding from it. With our line of heat-blocking skylight solutions, you’ll have the best of both worlds: cool, comfortable temperatures and an abundance of bright, invigorating sunlight.

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