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I use this blog as a reminder to all Bristolite personnel and associates who work with architects and our customers that we are much more than a skylight manufacturer. Over the past several years we have added numerous internal capabilities, services and products, and made significant investments in marketing Bristolite Daylighting Systems. We have truly transitioned from a “skylight manufacturer” to a “daylighting company” – and there is a difference. Our expanded services and products differentiate us from several of our competitors and we have significantly increased activity with potential customers and their professional associates who are interested in daylighting and energy conservation.

I’m a realist, so I recognize for sales people the better part of your day is spent responding to skylight inquiries for “the right product/model, answering questions, providing price and delivery quotations and putting out occasional fires, but I just want to remind everybody to be alert to higher level consultative opportunities. Responding to contractor inquires for quotation is one thing, but when we find ourselves working with an architect, developer, owner or corporation facility engineer or manager it’s a different matter. This is when we need to shift to consultative mode. Listening, asking questions, listening, asking more questions and then taking the prospective customer to a higher level of understanding of daylighting and energy conservation. It’s possible to take a discussion about skylights or heat and smoke vents to a discussion about daylighting and then to a discussion about energy savings. As a company we have a lot to work with and a lot to offer these important consultative opportunities. Stay alert to these opportunities. Find out what is most important to the prospect in their particular project. Obtain names of others involved in the project so you may help them as well. If you can get the customer on our web with you by using “Join Me” do it (only takes 20 seconds). Present Bristolite, our capabilities, our products and our services (did you know FREE Energy Analysis and Daylighting Plan is the second most visited page on our web behind the home page?) Inform, educate and service the customer and/or the customer’s professional associate (architect, roof consultant, etc.) This is what they want and expect from the industry leading authority in Daylighting.

Rick Beets
Bristolite Daylighting Systems

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