How Energy-Efficient Are Skylights

Sure, It Looks Nice, But a Skylight’s More Than Just Its Looks

The daylighting industry has evolved quite dramatically over the four decades we’ve been in business. Once upon a time, the consideration of a skylight came down to, primarily, aesthetics. Today, the architectural appeal remains very much a part of it, but the reimagining of the skylight as a green-energy solution is what’s driving us and our clients’ interest.

How energy-efficient are skylights? With the technology that’s available to us now, they’re capable of not just flooding a home or a building with sunlight but also blocking out most of the infrared and ultraviolet light and heat and locking in, depending on the season, the interior’s cool or warm air. Long before it was in vogue, efficiency was (and remains) one of the pillars of our innovation, along with safety and value. If the designs aren’t accessible, the technology’s been wasted. And because we’ve been at this for so long, with an eye toward long-term trends, we’ve developed one of the most extensive and diverse inventories of skylights sold in the United States.

Whether your project’s new-construction or a retrofit, we suggest beginning with a free energy-efficiency consultation. As a member of the US Green Building Council, we’ve frequently assisted in securing credits for LEED-certified projects. Even if yours isn’t quite that ambitious, the consultation will allow us to establish a set of energy objectives. From there, we’ll craft an energy-management and daylighting plan that’ll take into account both the look you have in mind for your skylight and its desired effects.

Before you landed on this blog, a skylight may have represented a simple means to an even simpler end—a not-too-intrusive way to introduce more light into a dark kitchen or bathroom. But now you’re realizing that there’s more to it than that. That new architectural feature holds the potential to redefine your living spaces and significantly reduce your electric bill. All the while, you’ve been associating energy-efficiency with those outdated light bulbs and drafty, old windows and doors. It’s true; they’re not helping your cause. But a single skylight could put a sizable dent in your monthly energy costs, too. And you’ll never not notice it’s there. Try saying that about any of the other aforementioned.

So, contact us to schedule that free consultation.


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