How Lumira Aerogel Can Help You Save Money on Energy

Lumira Aerogel for Energy Efficient Skylights and WindowsAs the cost of electricity continues to grow, more businesses are making an effort to become energy efficient. From wall and ceiling insulation to energy-efficient modern appliances, the products and office materials available today go a long way towards reducing your energy consumption and lowering your monthly bills.

One of the most remarkable new products in the energy efficiency world is Lumira aerogel. A lightweight, translucent silica aerogel designed for use in skylights and windows, Lumira aerogel has a number of incredible benefits that can help lower your business’s energy bills.

Read on to learn about three incredible ways that Lumira aerogel can help you save a huge amount on your office, retail outlet, or warehouse’s monthly energy bill.

1. Incredible thermal insulation keeps heat in your building during winter

When it comes time to insulate their buildings, most people opt for wall or ceiling batts and reflective panels. While these insulation options are reasonably priced and very effective, they often fail to stop heat from escaping out of large windows and skylights.

Lumira aerogel is one of the most effective window and skylight treatments for heat loss prevention. Over six times as effective as standard glass at keeping warm air in your building, Lumira aerogel is a fantastic winter glass insulation option.

Avoid spending your entire energy budget on expensive electric heaters and HVAC systems by insulating all of your windows and skylights with Lumira aerogel.

2. 91 percent light transmission saves you from using artificial lighting

Most offices are far from energy efficient. Besides heating and air conditioning – two of the largest expenses for most offices – other devices, including computers, office equipment, and televisions, can rapidly increase your energy bill.

These devices are obvious, and most businesses make an effort to use them only as much as they can afford. However, one major bill-booster isn’t quite as obvious: the electrical lights that you use to light your office during the evening.

By replacing the artificial light produced by your light bulbs with a source of natural light, you can drastically reduce your electrical bill. Benefit from lower bills and light that makes you feel more energized with a skylight made using Lumira aerogel.

3. Minimal solar heat gain makes air conditioning an optional extra

Even in the most intense heat, shade will keep your building cool. In buildings with large windows, even a brief period of intense sun can rapidly increase the ambient temperature, requiring a powerful air conditioner to keep the room comfortable.

Windows and skylights treated with Lumira aerogel, on the other hand, block solar heat to prevent your building from becoming too hot. As well as blocking hot air from escaping your building, Lumira aerogel actively prevents overly hot air from entering.

Instead of relying on an expensive and inefficient air conditioner to keep yourself cool at the peak of summer, let Lumira aerogel work its magic and give you a year-round comfortable temperature that rarely depends on air conditioning.

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