How Much Can Daylighting Increase the Value of Your Building?

Increase the Value of Your Property with Daylighting SystemsOver the last two decades, real estate developers have placed an increasing level of importance on energy efficiency. Buildings that were once designed to the optimum level of cost effectiveness in the short term are now designed not just to save money in construction, but to save money for residents through efficient power usage.

The results of the change in strategy are obvious for anyone with an interest in real estate – buildings that were constructed with energy efficiency in mind are not only more desirable to buyers, but they are also able to command higher prices than old, less energy efficient buildings can command.

Because of this, as a building owner it is a great idea to invest in an energy efficient daylighting system for your building. Whether you own a shopping mall or an office development, making your building more efficient and less expensive for tenants is an intelligent, financially lucrative idea.

Daylighting systems are far from expensive to install, and the long-term benefits of lighting your building naturally are numerous. One of the biggest, as an owner, is a decline in the amount of maintenance required to keep your building operating at its normal level.

Unlike artificial lighting systems, which are costly to maintain and require constant repairs or replacement parts, a large daylighting system is durable and far easier to manage. Repairs and replacements are minimal, and with most skylights designed for minimal maintenance, keeping the system in working order is simple.

This translates into reduced operating expenses for you, and also offer a wide range of benefits for your tenants. If you lease space in your building to business clients, a daylighting system is a highly marketable feature that can lower their costs and let you enjoy an above-market rental rate.

Energy-efficient daylighting systems are also a marketable asset should you decide to sell your building in the future. With strict energy efficiency codes becoming the norm across the country, having a building that’s already energy efficient lets you market your property as ‘stress-free’ for potential buyers.

In the case of a residential development, energy efficient design can help to make your property a more compelling option for buyers. With energy prices on the way upwards around the country, investing in daylighting systems to reduce a buyer’s financial obligations after purchase is a great way to raise your property’s value.

It’s difficult to judge the amount that an energy efficient daylighting system could increase your property’s value, particularly in markets where daylighting is not a rarity. However, it’s safe to say that you will see an increase in value that exceeds your investment in daylighting, particularly in higher-end developments.

Both homebuyers and commercial office tenants are increasingly seeing the value of daylighting, and are giving it the priority it deserves. Make your property a far more competitive, appealing prospect to both buyers and potential tenants by installing a cost-effective, energy efficient daylighting system in your building today.

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