How Much Carbon Dioxide Can You Save Using Energy Efficient Daylighting?

Daylighting to Reduce Carbon Dioxide
Becoming more energy efficient can help your business save thousands of dollars every year.

How big is your company’s carbon footprint? Whether you run a digital business or a retail store, you could be consuming far more energy – and producing significantly more carbon dioxide – than your business truly needs to use.

Climate change and other environmental threats have made many people focus on reducing their environmental impact at home through recycling, energy efficiency and new habits. Fewer of these changes, however, have taken place at work.

By switching from old methods of lighting, heating and running your business to a newer, more energy efficient model, you could save hundreds of dollars on energy every month. You could also significantly reduce your total carbon footprint.

In this blog post, we’ll look at just how much you can reduce your company’s carbon footprint by becoming more energy efficient. Read on to discover how your business can become more environmentally responsible with just a few small changes.

How much could you reduce your carbon footprint?

Carbon dioxide is a major environmental threat, contributing to climate change and a wide range of other serious environmental issues. Like most environmental issues, it’s surprisingly easy to solve with some small changes to your company’s habits.

Becoming energy efficient by switching off artificial lighting and replacing it with an energy efficient daylighting system, reducing water consumption and switching to a new range of office equipment can significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

Just how much CO2 could you save? According to the British Committee on Climate Change – an independent committee that advises the British government – the UK alone could eliminate 17 million tons of carbon dioxide through energy efficiency.

In the United States, the savings are even more significant. The USA’s carbon output is more than twice as great as the UK’s on both an aggregate and per-capita level. In 2010, the US produced 17.56 million tons of carbon per person – greater than China at 6.19 tons per person and the UK at 7.86 tons.

This means that reducing carbon output could produce a significant saving across the entire country – almost 50 million tons in total. From hampering the effects of climate change to reducing costs, energy efficiency certainly has many benefits.

Why should you reduce your carbon footprint?

It’s easy to think about ways to reduce your carbon footprint, but far harder to put your plan into action. There are many excuses to make as to why not isn’t the right time to become more energy efficient, many of which simply don’t pass muster.

Becoming energy efficient is surprisingly inexpensive, particularly over the mid to long term. Switching off artificial lighting and installing skylights, as an example, is an excellent way to significant reduce your company’s energy consumption.

Energy efficiency comes with an added bonus for your business – in addition to its obvious environmental benefits, the capital outlay of becoming energy efficient is quickly paid back in the form of far lower, more affordable energy bills.

It’s easy to write off energy efficiency as a ‘luxury’ that your business can’t afford in the short term. However, the reality is that the sooner you become energy efficient, the more your business will save as time goes on.

How could your business become energy efficient?

It’s surprisingly easy to make your business energy efficient, whether doing so is a process of installing new insulation or switching from an artificially lit environment to a naturally lit one.

It’s also surprisingly quick to become energy efficient. Daylighting can be installed in weeks – not months – helping your business experience all of the financial benefits of energy efficiency in time for your next billing cycle.

Are you ready to reduce your carbon footprint and become more energy efficient? If you want to enjoy lower bills and the great karma of helping the environment, think about making your business more energy efficient today.


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