How Much Maintenance Does a Conventional Daylighting System Require?

Conventional Daylighting System maintenanceAre you worried about the maintenance a daylighting system could require? Many people are interested in installing energy efficient daylighting in their home, office, or business workplace, but fear that frequent maintenance could make daylighting more of an inconvenience than an advantage.

Thankfully, most modern daylighting systems require very little maintenance. Read on to learn about the standard maintenance requirements of skylights and common daylighting systems, and how they compare to the amount of upkeep required for a traditional artificial lighting system.

Your location determines your daylighting system’s maintenance needs

Depending on where your building is located and the placement of your skylight, it could require very little in the way of upkeep. Skylights installed in exposed places on your building’s roof are often kept clean and free of dust and dirt by rain.

If your building is located in an area that receives a reasonable amount of rainfall, this will likely limit your maintenance requirements. However, if your building is located in a dusty, dry area, you may need to brush away dust from your skylight.

Even in areas that are heavily exposed to the elements, skylights and daylighting systems rarely need to be cleaned more than once every couple of months. Most skylights remain effective even when they are exposed to dust or exterior dirt.

In certain areas, you may need to protect skylights and other daylighting systems from the elements. For example, if your building is located close to the ocean, you should paint your skylight’s frame (or purchase a skylight with a coating) to stop salty air from corroding the steel or aluminum.

Don’t clean or maintain your skylight unless you need to

Most skylights require very little in the way of maintenance and upkeep. In some cases, you could actually do more harm than good by cleaning your skylight on a frequent basis.

Many people make the mistake of cleaning skylights using the same chemicals as they would use on a standard glass window. Because many skylights have film or protective coatings designed to reduce heat transfer or UV radiation, this is often not a good idea.

Use water to clean your skylight, or completely natural, non-corrosive cleaning and maintenance products. Using strong chemicals to clear your skylight or dust or dirt could end up damaging the protective coating that’s applied to the glass itself.

Skylights and daylighting require less maintenance than artificial lighting

Maintaining an artificial lighting system can be stressful and expensive, especially when you have hundreds of lights installed throughout your building. In contrast, you can achieve the same level of light with just a few large skylights, all of which require significantly less maintenance.

It’s easy to see that the fears of extensive maintenance that put many people off the idea of installing skylights are – to put it simply – not the case. Reduce your energy consumption and enjoy simple maintenance at the same time by installing skylights in your home, office, or retail store this year.

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