How Our Coollite Skylights Offer IECC 2012 Compliant Natural Daylighting

Coollite Skylights
High quality daylighting gives your business diffuse white light without glare or unwanted heat transfer.

From increasing productivity to reducing the amount your business spends on its monthly energy bills, our Coollite skylights offer a serious range of benefits for any commercial or industrial building.

With the price and environmental cost of energy rising, energy efficiency is now an extremely important topic for any business that owns the building or space in which it operates.

If your business is interested in making its building more energy efficient by using natural light instead of artificial lighting, our Coollite skylights are a great choice to make your building more environmentally responsible.

Why? A variety of reasons, from minimized heat transfer to an optimized level of light transfer with almost total elimination of harmful forms of light such as UV or infrared, both of which can cause deterioration of items in your workplace.

Read on to discover three additional ways in which our Coollite spectrally selective glazed skylights offer improved natural daylighting for your retail shop, commercial office or industrial building.

Coollite provides diffused white light, preventing glare

Natural light has an incredibly positive effect on productivity. Research shows that work environments that are lit by natural sunlight have greater average output per employee than work environments that depend on artificial lighting.

Not only are naturally lit environments more productive – they’re healthier too. In environments without natural light, employees are more likely to experience health issues or become tired and demotivated.

One of the biggest issues with using natural light to light your office, however, is the possibility of glare affecting productivity. Glare can make your office’s productivity slow to a crawl for lengthy periods in the early morning or late afternoon.

Thankfully, glare isn’t a problem with our Coollite skylights. Coollite glazing blocks glare from entering your workplace by providing highly diffused white light that’s ideal for productivity and focus.

Coollite prevents heat loss or heat transfer from outside

Are you concerned about losing heat (or gaining unwanted heat) after installing a natural daylighting system in your office? Heat transfer is a common side effect of low quality daylighting, but it’s a non-issue with our Coollite glazing.

This is because Coollite blocks almost all UV and infrared light, allowing light into your workplace, but not heat. Our Coollite dome skylights also prevent heat from travelling from inside your workplace to outside, or vice versa.

This has several benefits for your workplace. Not only is the cost of heating your building – or cooling it, in warmer climates – minimized, but the level of change to your office’s ambient temperature is minimized, making heating more predictable.

Predictable heat means predictable expenses, especially if your building is heavily dependent on air conditioning or heating. It also means predictable productivity, as heat plays a major role in focus and workplace output.

Coollite blocks 85% of infrared and 99.9% of UV light

Are you concerned about UV damage to your workplace equipment? We’ve all seen the yellowed plastic of old appliances and other items that have been exposed to the sun for too long, and many of us have concerns about sunlight because of it.

This change in color is a result of UV degradation – a process by which UV light can change the chemical structure of plastic polymers. Extended exposure to UV light is a source of damage and degradation for some plastic compounds.

One of the biggest benefits of our Coollite skylights is that they block 99.9% of UV light, making them ideal for use in warehouses, fulfillment centers and other large buildings that are used to store plastic items and sales inventory.

Give your workplace the benefits of Coollite daylighting

From enhanced productivity to a steady, predictable interior temperature, Coollite offers a massive range of benefits for your business. Give your workplace – from an inner city office to a fulfillment center – the benefits of Coollite daylighting today.

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