How to Choose a Reliable Daylighting Company

BristoliteWhether you’re a large retail chain searching for a daylighting partner or a small business in need of a one-off daylighting system, choosing a reliable daylighting company is an essential part of making your building energy efficient.

There are many factors that make a daylighting company worth your time. These can range from logistical factors – location, scheduling, and so on – to their skills, product range, and level of experience within your business’s industry.

Read on to discover the five most valuable tactics for choosing the right daylighting company for your business:

1. Look for a history of successful projects

Good daylighting companies are constantly in demand, both from large corporate clients and local businesses. Because of this, any good daylighting firm should be able to provide a long list of successful projects that it has been involved in.

Pay close attention to the type of projects that a daylighting company has worked on, as well as their outcomes. Successful daylighting projects are a great indicator that a company offers high quality daylighting products and reliable services.

2. Check for relevant industry experience

As well as the opinions of past clients, the type of work that a daylighting company has been involved in is another essential factor. Many daylighting companies focus on just one type of building – retail stores, offices, homes, apartments, or factories.

Try to choose a daylighting company that offers high quality products and reliable service in your industry. While many daylighting companies will offer a wide range of services, some may specialize in just one industry and might not suit your needs.

3. Ask your architect for recommendations

Are you searching for a daylighting contractor for your new home, office building, or commercial development? Speak to your architectural firm and see if they can offer any recommendations.

Architects work alongside construction firms and daylighting companies on a wide variety of projects, giving them a great understanding of the local market. Ask your architect for a recommendation and you could end up with some fantastic leads.

4. See if they work independently or subcontract

Not all daylighting companies carry out their work independently. Some companies may manufacture certain daylighting systems, only to outsource their installation to a local contractor.

This isn’t always a bad thing – in fact, in some cases it can result in quicker delivery and installation times, as well as excellent quality workmanship. However, it’s worth asking any potential daylighting firms about their services before working together.

5. Big partnership? Meet with their leadership

Do you own a large company with multiple locations? A productive service firm with multiple offices? A retail chain with hundreds of outlets? If you would like to partner with a daylighting firm for a large project, it’s worth meeting with their leadership.

Many daylighting companies will be able to offer you a significant discount on your quote if it could lead to a long-term contract. Ask about what they can do for you, as your extensive needs as a customer put you in the power position.

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