How to Control Your Office’s Temperature via Daylighting

effects of daylighting on temperature
Daylighting has very little effect on your office’s temperature, making it easy to keep comfortable.

There are lots of misconceptions when it comes to the effects of daylighting on your workplace’s temperature. Many people believe that adding daylight to their office or workspace means an increase in heat that’s unavoidable.

We’ve covered this before in previous blog posts, but it’s a rumor that persists with many business owners. While daylight does have some effect on heat, switching to a more energy efficient system doesn’t mean your office will be uncomfortably hot.

In fact, the reality is quite the opposite. When you light your office using all natural daylight, it becomes remarkably easy to control its temperature using your heating and air conditioning system, regardless of the local climate or season.

The effects of skylights on your room’s temperature

Direct sunlight does make your room warmer, provided it penetrates through glass or any other material. However, today’s skylights are available with a range of films and protective filters that massively reduce the amount of heat that’s transferred.

This means that, far from making your office uncomfortably warm, skylights usually have little to no effect on its temperature. Factors such as the position of a skylight – placement can influence light levels – also have an effect on temperature change.

Many of our skylights are treated to limit heat transfer as much as possible. We offer skylights with Coollite technology – a glazing system that minimizes UV transfer and means that your building is naturally lit without being naturally heated.

Will skylights interfere with your air conditioning system?

A major concern of many business owners is that daylighting systems will result in a negative impact on air conditioning systems. It’s an understandable concern – early skylights often did result in excess heat due to their construction.

Again, because of the film and insulation technology used in today’s skylights, there is very little effect on a room’s ambient temperature. Insulation prevents heat from coming in, but it also prevents excess heat from escaping via a skylight.

This is important, because heat rises in an enclosed environment like an office or home. Insulating film doesn’t keeps heat inside your room, controlling its ambient temperature and helping your air conditioning or heating system work efficiently.

How to control your office’s temperature using daylighting

Controlling your office’s temperature with a daylighting system installed is simple: just adjust your air conditioning or heating system as you normally would. A large number of business owners are surprised by the simplicity – it really is this simple.

In fact, many of the skylights available today allow you to adjust your office or home temperature without having to rely on air conditioning. Open up your skylight to let warm air escape from a room naturally without wasting excess energy.

Far from having a negative effect on your ability to control your office’s temperature and comfort level, skylights make controlling the temperature in your office an easy task. At the same time, they massively increase comfort and work productivity.

Could your office benefit from a natural daylighting system?

Daylight has many benefits, from improved health to increased productivity. It’s also a remarkably user-friendly way to light your office, with no negative effects on your office’s HVAC system or temperature control.

From reduced energy consumption and lower bills to healthier, more motivated and productive employees, the benefits of daylighting are numerous. Could your office benefit from its own natural daylighting system?

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