How to Use Your Workplace Thermostat Efficiently

Workplace Thermostat
Using your workplace thermostat effectively will help you save energy.

Have you ever been scolded by a parent, partner or colleague for reaching out and adjusting the thermostat? Some people can be sensitive about your home or office’s temperature, preferring to leave it at a consistent temperature throughout the day.

Interestingly, it turns out that being hands-off with the thermostat not only results in a consistent temperature; it also results in a significant reduction in the amount of energy you use and the cost of heating or cooling your home or office.

In this guide, we’ll share four simple but effective tips to help you use your office’s thermostat more efficiently. Apply one, two or all four to enjoy consistent heat and significantly lower energy lower bills at your workplace.

Lower your thermostat over the weekend to save energy

Do you heat your office during the winter? If your office is usually heated, it’s worth turning your thermostat down – although not off completely – over the weekend. A good over-the-weekend temperature is 55°F (about 13° Celsius) or slightly more.

This temperature is enough to keep your office usable and prevent your pipes from freezing over. At the same time, it’s low enough that, no matter how could it might be outside, you’ll spend very little bringing your office up to temperature.

Turn your thermostat up or down in one-degree increments

Feel like lowering your office’s temperature for summer? How about warming up the office over winter? When the weather changes, it’s tempting to make a serious adjustment to your office’s heating or air conditioning.

This tends to result in massive increases in your energy consumption. By making a massive change, your heating system needs to suddenly adjust to a far greater gap between your office’s ambient temperature and its target temperature.

The bigger the gap between your workplace’s natural temperature and the setting on your thermostat, the more energy you’ll use. Try adjusting by one degree a day; this will help you adjust to the weather without using excess energy.

Install an automatic thermostat to avoid wasting energy

Do you often forget to adjust your thermostat before leaving the office? While this is unlikely to spike your energy bill when it occurs infrequently, forgetting to turn the heat down overnight can have result in a lot of wasted energy over time.

Avoid forgetting to adjust the thermostat by using a programmable thermostat that allows you to set rules for your office’s temperature automatically. This way, you’ll never spend more than you need to unnecessarily heating your office overnight.

Encourage your team to adjust to a cooler environment

Is your office warmer than it needs to be? During the winter, it can be tempting to turn up the thermostat to provide a comfortable work environment. But working in an office that’s too warm can have a serious negative effect on your productivity.

With the right insulation, your office shouldn’t require significant heating during winter. In fact, working in a cooler environment is actually healthier for your body and has a positive effect on productivity – provided it isn’t too cool, of course.

As tempting as it might be to turn the thermostat up all the way and prevent it’s the middle of summer, sometimes it’s better to stick with a cool temperature. Not only will you save money, you’ll enjoy enhanced productivity and lower energy bills.

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