Just Try and Mess With Our Trituff Skylights, We Dare You!

skylight1 in roof

How great would it be to have one of The Avengers as your personal watchdog? Few people would argue against having a superhero providing them with reliable protection. Bristolite Daylighting Systems offers our customers the next best thing with our Trituff Skylight series. It appeals to those who want superior strength and protection in a relatively lightweight package… Even The Hulk can’t make that claim, but we’re certainly not going to tell him!

Trituff industrial and commercial skylights feature sturdy heliarc welded aluminum frames for standard skylights or welded galvanized steel frames for openable smoke hatch units. They are available as single domes or triarch domes (for larger openings)  and feature glazings made from copolyester that have been load tested to comply with OSHA-CFR’s for fall protection. For added protection, many models are available with an optional security grill. Trituff skylights also help brighten up your facility by allowing an impressive 60% of visible light transmission & feature U-factors of .65, referring to the total heat transfer coefficient in BTU/hr-sf-°F (this takes into consideration conductive, convective, and radiative heat transfer).

Our mission at Bristolite is to provide the highest quality products and offer superior service for residential, commercial, and industrial customers alike, all the while remaining an exceptional value.

We aim to provide the building industry with an abundance of accurate, current, and relevant information relative to daylighting and energy conservation. We take our corporate responsibilities very seriously because we consider ourselves innovators and stewards in the efficient use of sustainable carbon-free energy. To learn more about how Bristolite offers the best energy efficient skylights in the business, contact us at info@bristolite.com, or by calling our toll-free number at (800) 854-8618 today!

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