Longevity of an Acrylic Skylight

Any company would pride themselves on a quality product or service. Recently, one of our long standing customers reached out to us and asked for a new skylight. The great news about this request was that their current 4’ x 4’ acrylic skylight was installed 27 years ago and “has worked very well for us and has never leaked.” This skylight was installed by the customer’s contractor on a residential home with a wood shingle roof using the Bristolite “Installation Instruction – Curb Mounted Skylight on a Wood Shingle Roof” guide. The reason for a new skylight came after the owner decided to replace the roof and having lived with a fixed skylight for 27 years they decided to switch it out for a manual, venting skylight. Fortunately, we have a vast array of products in house and can deliver this item to the owner. Bristolite Daylighting Systems is currently assisting with this request. Now, we often get asked if an existing dome can be replaced by a new dome in order to save on cost and remedial work. A request like this can usually be fulfilled on a like for like basis and the process can be simple. First, the upper skylight frame gets unscrewed and removed. After positioning and securing the new dome in place the upper skylight frame can be fastened back to the base frame and resealed. We enjoy new skylight requests like this coming in because that means we can serve our customers with more skylights that continue to last just as long, if not longer than their existing skylights. Thanks for your repeat business and we look forward to another 27 years with you. – Ed.

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