Today’s customer no longer needs to make a trade-off between superior insulation properties and high quality natural lighting when choosing a skylight system.  Nano Insulgel, provides up to 6x the insulating value of a traditional skylight while transmitting a high level of uniform daylight.

Our Nano Insulgel panels are now filled exclusively with Lumira aerogel.  Lumira’s dendritic grain (branching crystalline structure) scatters the incoming light through the panels– transmitting a high level of uniform, full spectrum light.

Why choose Nano Insulgel?

The 5 most important factors in choosing any skylight product are

  1. 1. Light
  2. 2. Noise
  3. 3. Heat
  4. 4. Moisture
  5. 5. Green (Sustainability/ Energy Efficiency).


Description: umira Aerogel for Energy Efficient Skylights and Windows

Natural daylight systems are an important factor in today’s commercial and industrial buildings.  Daylight improves happiness and productivity and increases energy efficiency.

  • Our multi-wall polycarbonate panels contain a high quality UV protection that resists color changes.
  • Lumira aerogel allows for the transmission of full spectrum light, i.e. natural light –better, softer quality than artificial lighting.
  • Reduces or eliminates glare.
  • 91% light transmission.


Noise can be a distraction to employees and customers.  Reducing the transmission of traffic, construction and other distractions of modern life improves the interior ambiance of your facility.

  • The interior structure is 3% solid, 97% airs, which slows down sound waves and reduces noise transmission.
  • Lumira particles absorb sound across a broad frequency band.
  • Significantly reduces reverberation and transmission of exterior noise.


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Thermal transfer has been an issue with traditional, single pane skylights. Solar heat gain and thermal heat loss can increase HVAC cost and make your ability to keep a constant, comfortable, indoor temperature difficult and expense. Nano Insulgel has:

  • 6x insulating value of traditional skylights.
  • Nullifies three methods of heat transfer: convection, conduction and radiation.
  • R-value of 8 per inch. (R = thermal resistance) Higher R-value equals better insulation.
  • U-value of 0.64 W/ W/m2K per 25 mm. Lower U-value equals better resistance to heat flow.


Leaks are a common problem with traditional skylights.  Nano Insulgel skylights are tightly sealed and made with water resistant materials.

  • 100% hydrophobic
  • Corrosion resistant aluminum frames and retaining cap fasteners.



Decrease your energy consumption by using less heat, lighting and air conditioning.

Nano Insulgel is also used in conjunction with some of our other Green Building Technology to create products with even greater energy efficiency and superior natural lighting.

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