Enhancing Natural Light in Your Home

The benefits of increasing the amount of natural light in your home or office space shouldn’t be dismissed. Natural light makes any room feel larger while helping to reduce the energy costs associated with artificial lighting.

Daylighting Systems Architectural and Interior Design Benefits

While any additional windows will increase the amount of natural light in your home, one of the most effective ways to bring the beauty of sunlight into poorly lit rooms is the installation of leak proof residential dome skylights. Our commercial grade residential skylights are specifically designed to provide natural light in spaces that would otherwise require lots of artificial lighting.

Skylight systems also help to reduce or eliminate the “cave effect” – negative lighting that occurs when a room is wider than it is tall. Skylights allow natural sunlight into your home and when combined with Bristolite glazing compounds, can significantly reduce energy consumption. The solar heat gain typically associated with large skylight windows is all but eliminated because our patented products including Quasar Low-E plastic polycarbonate skylights reject up to 85% of infrared and 99% of ultraviolet light. These two light spectrums, which are invisible to the naked eye, are responsible for nearly all heat gain associated with traditional skylights. The result is an abundance of natural diffused light without the negative side effects. This technology saves you money in electricity costs and reduces the cooling costs associated with keeping your home cool in the summer. It’s literally a win-win situation.

Whether you want to reduce energy costs, improve the look and feel of your home, enjoy the benefits of modern green building technology, or all three, our hybrid daylighting systems can help to brighten your home of office for less money than you probably realize. Want to learn more? Give us a call at 800-854-8618, Contact Us, or Locate a Sales Rep near you for more information about our innovative line of home and commercial daylighting products today.

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